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H2H2: It’s a-comin’

Any opportunity to throw Disch ink on the pages... you gotta take it.

Well, it’s almost here again. H2H2 is just around the corner — March 11th will be here before you know it. If you were there last year, you know you’ll sell your first-born to return. If you missed it, I’m pretty certain you’ve already seen the error of your ways. And you’re probably working on a first-born to sell…

You only have a few days left to pay for your ticket. If @jennyquarx doesn’t receive your payment by January 15th, you will lose your slot. The game is sold out, so if you don’t RSVP and pay Jen in the next few days, you’ll miss out on the festivities. Stop messing around and pull the trigger. E-mail her RIGHT NOW.


If you remember, TPL was proud to host the pledge drive last year. You helped raise over $2,500 for Children’s Hospital and we’re PSYCHED to be at the helm again this season. Beginning February 11th, a full month before H2H2, we’re expecting fun and outrageous pledges to be in effect for twelve Red Wings games.

To paraphrase Betty White from her Simpsons appearance… if you read even one word of TPL and don’t pledge cash to the children…you’re a thief. A COMMON THIEF (Sorry, but these thieves make me so damn angry).

If you want more information about the pledges, check out TPL’s Pledge Page. In addition, you can check out pledges that have already been made here. If you’d like to add your own pledge, you may do so in the comments… you can tweet us @TPLHockey. If you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and your identity and pledge will not be made public.

So, keep them coming, Hockeytown. We’ll take whatever you’ve got… $43 for a Darren Helm goal on 2/24 against Dallas? $19 for every goal scored against Stevie’s new team? $35 for shutting out Anaheim again? Whatever a pinky ring costs for a win against Minnesota?

All you’ve gotta do is make the pledge… we’ll keep track of the count and the dollars… pick a game… pick ALL of the games… whatever works for you.

Just like last year, the members of TPL have pledged $1 each for every Red Wings goal scored in all twelve games. BRING IT ON, TPLAND!

10 thoughts on “H2H2: It’s a-comin’”

  1. I thought I’d make this more complicated than last year: $2 for every goal scored by a forward, double if it’s from a Euro twin. $8 for every Abdelgoal, $3 if a d-man scores. $5.28 if either Raf or Nick scores on the power play. If, for some reason, a d-man dresses as a forward and scores a goal, $20. If a d-man dresses as a forward and doesn’t score, $10 just for being a good sport. If we dress 7 d-man and none of them play forward, $7.

      1. Rig used to play forward until Andersson said he would make a better defenseman given his size and whatnot. The extreme unlikeliness of the event is why it’s worth more 🙂

  2. Did I read somewhere that the donations will be made specifically to the Child Life program at Children’s Hospital? If people knew more about the Child Life program (there, or at any children’s hospital), they might be more inclined to donate. Child Life programs make sick kids happy. There’s no better cause than that.

    1. That’s a wonderful program and I’ll check with our liaison to see if we know where the money goes SPECIFICALLY once its within Children’s Hospital. Thank you for reminding me to find out.

      I know that we’ve been given tours of the facility to see where the donations have gone in the past, and we’re expecting to do the same in March. The entirety of the hospital is pretty amazing and we’re thrilled to be a part of it, no matter how we can help.

      1. I know of two families with kids who go there, and they only have good things to say. I’ve been a long-distance fan of CHM since before I ever knew TPL existed. 🙂

  3. Can I request a countdown on the main page… as in one of those cheesy day counters that go backwards to the big event. It’ll be worth $10 from me.

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