Loss Candy: Chris Osgood earns 399.93rd career win

4-3, Stars in Overtime. Of course it was.

The only reason I was excited to see that Chris Osgood was starting today was so that we could — FINALLY — move on with our lives as he gets his two years-overdue 400th win. And in true Chris Osgood fashion, there the man was to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory.

Yeah, I know two of those goals were deflected, and the winner came on a three-on-two rush, but very few things deflate a team like dropping a two-goal lead with goals from a combined six and a half miles away. Brian Rafalski, what — with his atrocious game, is going to get blamed 100% more than Chris Osgood will. You know… status quo. No one’s allowed to be frustrated with Osgood’s stellar record “improving” to 10-11-6 the last two seasons. With four minutes left in the game and 20,000 fans chanting his name, we watched as he gave up a tying goal and the rest of the team shat the bed in overtime.

I’m going to get lit up and be called names for not supporting this particularly Red Wing, but I’m just sick and tired of knowing the outcome before the puck is dropped. He’s played relatively well all season. He didn’t play POORLY tonight, but he allowed the Stars to creep back into the game at inopportune times — times at which an actual Hall of Fame goalie would take over and find a way to make saves — even the kind you don’t expect them to make. I’m prepared for your barbs — in fact, I probably deserve them — but I’m absolutely done with talking about this milestone that will apparently NEVER come.

There’s going to be a lot of “the players could have played better — especially after sticking their neck out for Osgood” chatter, and it’s 100% correct. I agree with it, because the team didn’t win for Ozzie tonight. But on the other side of that coin is “Osgood could have willed this win after his teammates stuck their neck out for him.” And he didn’t. He made some big saves. But he didn’t make the ones he needed for a W. The end.

Chances are good I’m overreacting because I’m angry. I had a handful of other game notes, but I’m in no mood. On to the candy.

LOSS CANDY: TRON EDITION (as suggested by @crperreau)

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