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Loss Candy: Minka & Jed — Not Just for Redneck Weddings Anymore!

3-2 Predators

1. The story of this one will be lazy, flat-footed defensemen doing very little to prevent goals from being scored. Regardless of who you blame for the first goal (and TPL is a house divided on the issue), there were two capable defenseman (okay, ONE capable defenseman and one allegedly-emerging defenseman) on the ice standing still. Rafalski chose to switch assignments, and Ericsson absolutely took an extra second or two (like JJ claims he needed last season) to decide what to do. What he did was nothing. Not a nice goal, folks.

2. The second goal went in off of Jonathan Ericsson’s arm. It’s annoying, but it happens. No one’s more frustrated about that than he is, I assure you. I’m far less “meh” about that one as the first one, given #52’s efforts.

3. Ten years ago, the goal Pavel Datsyuk scored would be shown from five different angles on SportsCenter. I remember the first time I saw Wayne Gretzky do it and it was huge news. It won’t be big news tonight for whatever reason — either it’s because Pavel Datsyuk does crazier stuff on the regular, or because almost every player in the league has the kind of hand-eye coordination needed to pull something like that off. Pretty nonetheless — excellent hands from a man famous for his excellent hands. Beautiful.

4. Jimmy Howard was DRENCHED in Weak Sauce following that third Nashville goal. If that’s Chris Osgood in net, I would have lit the television on fire, so it’s only fair that I call him out in this space. Horrid effort, horrid positioning, horrid timing: the Wings were buzzing — you could argue it was all Detroit for five minutes prior — and then PFFFFFFTTTT the air is shot out of the balloon because Jimmy Howard can’t be bothered. Awful.

5. It was an exciting last few minutes of regulation, as Johan Franzen scores what should have been the game tying goal giving the Wings an opportunity to tie it with two minutes to play. Alas, they didn’t, which further proves you can’t win a hockey game in the final three minutes — no matter how superior your club is to your opponent. The gap ain’t that big. Nashville earned that win from the opening faceoff and the Red Wings earned that loss.

Minka Kelly -- Suggestion courtesy of our good friend Norm
Jed Hill -- Submission courtesy of @BizCassty. A Google Image search of "Jed Hill" leads me to believe he's some sort of softcore porn star.

9 thoughts on “Loss Candy: Minka & Jed — Not Just for Redneck Weddings Anymore!”

  1. 2 games in a row Howard has let in a soft one. I’m not sure if he needs rest or pressure. Either way I can’t see Osgood not getting a go in net soon. If it’s rest hopefully Osgood can help, if it’s pressure, well there’s always the distinct possibility Osgood will suck?

      1. Fingers are near permanently crossed right now. Going from a good first period to an awful second and third vs San Jose to an awful first and second and a decent third is too much inconsistency for them to go uncrossed for our next few games.

  2. Like you mentioned, Nashville won this game from the opening faceoff. The game just had that feel that it was going to be a struggle tonight, and it was-not something you like to see after the final 40 minutes from Monday night.

    I also just wanted to thank you for throwing Minka up there tonight, and for the mention as well.

  3. I think somone needs to bring the boomstick Friday! Full on Ash badassry because I am sick of this. Perhaps an Evil Dead themed pregame or has that been done?

    1. I like where this is headed… Disch is doing Friday’s Canadiens pre-game, and I’m doing Saturday’s Devils game. I had something in mind, but might have to scrap it altogether and go Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. Rest assured it WILL happen soon.

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