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A Double Dose of Loss Candy

Sharks 5-2

If you recall, we asked for some help vetting the dudes that will grace the pages of TPL following a Wings loss. We received a few offers, and we’re pleased to say good friends of ours @thetinnishflash, @BizCassty, and @jennyquarx have offered a handful of suggestions that will be unveiled as necessary. Thanks to all the ladies (and @PatriciaErin who co-supplied one of tonight’s suggestions).

Sadly, we neglected our responsibility to host Loss Candy following December 4th’s loss to the Kings. As a result, may we introduce the first ever Double Dose of Double D’s! For these purposes, D can also mean “dudes.”

If only there was a way to separate the two rounds of Loss Candy by 8 seconds… hm…

First up is a young lady who was tired of not being able to publicly call her girlfriend her girlfriend, the recently-out Amber Heard:

With Tron: Legacy approaching release, Olivia Wilde (formerly “13” from House) has been everywhere. And here’s why:

By popular demand (literally… I received simultaneous tweets/emails about him. Which is kind of strange), Jamie Bamber:

Courtesy of @jennyquarx, a fellow whose file name tells me his name is Jensen Ackles. I still have absolutely no idea who he is.

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    1. Nevermind. Now I can see him. And he is glorious. Also that lesbian girl I haven’t heard of is not too shabby either. But you boys can keep 13’s clavicles and pubic bone allllll to yourselves.

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