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Pencil-Fueled Awesomesauce

We’re a few months away, but true masters need to take their time with their art. Zac MacRostie, hubby of H2H2 Honcho Jen MacRostie, created an absolutely beautiful pencil sketch of Steve Yzerman — which can be seen above — for last year’s festivities. As far as I was concerned, it was the top prize available via raffle because — while signed jerseys, books, and other memorabilia are truly awesome things to own — how often will you come across a one-of-a-kind work of art, hand-drawn by a member of your community?

Luckily, Zac’s wrist didn’t snap working on it, and he made me and my wife an incredible wedding gift — seen below. It’s truly a cherished gift, and while we appreciate everyone’s generosity, it’s hard not to be touched by such a special thought.

For H2H2, Zac has agreed to create two drawings — one for the main raffle, and another for our pledge drive. We haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but we are almost positive we’re going to give the TPL-themed sketch (the players for this design have already been decided) to whoever pledges the most money during the drive (which will be hosted right here, just like last year).

My question for you good folks is this: which Red Wing would you like immortalized in this fashion for the H2H2 prize? We’ll throw a poll up on the TPL home page after we get a few submissions, so throw your two cents in!

15 thoughts on “Pencil-Fueled Awesomesauce”

    1. Sure thing. Abs will be the kid with the pistols, Bert will be the guy in the top hat (I always envisioned him as a top hat kind of guy), and the pantsless dude on the ground will be a passed out Lebda.

  1. Also, I heard that during the Iraq invasion they uncovered one of Saddam’s old “love dens” and he had a mural above the bed featuring himself (surprise) standing over a lion with a sword and a naked woman looking at him lustily. I think something like that could be nice, but maybe we have Ozzie looking at Saddam instead of the random chick. Or maybe he’s the Lion. Or maybe Tiberius is Saddam and Ozzie is the sword.

    See. Lots of possibilities.

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