Blogger Roundtable Goes Bombay

The glorious Detroit Red Wings blogger roundtable that we were happy to host last week has made another stop, this time at The Triple Deke. Click that little link there for your favorite bloggers answers to questions such as “who makes up the ass of the Wings’ Mount Rushmore” and “isn’t it weird Bertuzzi didn’t gang rape the Red Wings?”

Paraphrasing, obviously. Though not by much.

Also, anyone else think it’s weird that new Red Wing Mike Modano shared a scene with Gordon Bombay? I feel like Tyler might have some ESP or something. Next week: Basil McRae signs with the Red Wings.

Also worth noting is that The Scrappy Octopi hath returned. It’s only been three months since their last post, but we’re super glad to see them back in action. Alas, one of the best out there is back where they belong: the interwebz.