H2H2 Update

230 days until we descend upon the great city of Detroit as a massive group for the second annual (THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU’RE ALLOWED TO USE ANNUAL) meet-up.

As soon as you know how many seats you’d like to the game, let Jen MacRostie know, via e-mail or Twitter Direct Message (e-mail is prefered). Tickets are the lowest price we can get — $28/each — and will be on the end where the Wings shoot twice. If you were there last year, it’s basically the same sections we occupied and tinfoiled up. We’ll have to give our number relatively soon, so don’t delay or you’ll end up jailsexed.

Like always, big thanks to my friend Ryan Michaels, who is helping us immensely on the Red Wings’ end. Everyone owes him a beer (preferably spread out over a few weeks, so as to avoid a trip to the ER).