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My high school gets something right. Finally.

So…immediately following Game 5, I wrote an in-depth post, more or less catching up on everything I’d missed the last three weeks. And then Blogger ate it. I was mighty angry something fierce, so I stepped away from TPL for another two days because – seriously – I damn near chucked this thing out the damn window.

But, I’ve calmed down to a (maybe) six on the hate level (it’s as low as I get), and want to share something with you. I’m a tiny bit late with the announcement, as I’ve been trying how best to frame it. If you’re not familiar with Fox Sports Net’s series REPLAY, here’s the gist: Gatorade re-stages classic American high school sports contests — usually that were forfeited or canceled for some reason. 

The new season, which begins airing in May, will feature two Michigan high school hockey teams – one of which is my alma mater – from a game in 1999 – the year I was a junior.

Detroit Catholic Central and Trenton High School were tied 4-4 in the third period of a February game when an errant skate slashed Trenton player Kurt LaTarte’s jugular. I wasn’t involved in the game, but I remember it vividly – it was my understanding that a doctor was in the stands, saw that he was in trouble, hopped over the glass and stabilized him with his bare hands until proper medical attention could literally save his life on the ice.

Make no mistake: I disliked most everything there was (and probably still is) about CC. Never, in a million years, would I have imagined they’d take part in something like this. Good on them for giving these guys a chance to finish what they started. The majority of the players in royal blue and white are friends of mine. Friends that I may have lost touch with, but friends nonetheless. Below, there’s a link to the trailer – please check it out and watch the series when it airs.

The two squads are going to be coached by some guys you may have heard of. Behind the bench for Trenton will be Brendan Shanahan. Coaching my alma mater, Scotty Bowman. It’s been ten years since I graduated, but this is the thing I’m most proud of featuring my former school.

Click here to go to Gatorade’s site and watch the trailer.

Photo Credit: Ed Zylik

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