TPL Guest Post: FUCKYEAH! Haters. Rig Rules!

It’s been months and months, but Disch and I have been trying diligently to get my mother to plop some words onto TPL, and finally – after a positively inspired performance by Jonathan Ericsson – she obliged. Below are her words, verbatim, no interjection or editing.

It’s been a spectacular few days.

Herm To Hockeytown was frolicking awesome! Herm is now a local sensation and will probably never talk to any of us again unless we go through his publicist. We met him on Thursday, he was shy and quiet; by Friday, he was twittering Emma Andersson (HANK WHO?!) and swept Robs new, hot girlfriend off her feet…and she wasn’t even there!

It was wonderful to put faces to names and we’re so grateful that you awesome winged wheeler fans came from far and wide to make H2H a huge success. And your generosity, unbelievable; $5365.72, all for Children’s Hospital.

The people involved in making this happen deserve a group hug…your countless hours spent planning the event resulted in one hell of a party!

I’d like to recap the game for you, but Jonathan “Gettin’ Riggy wit it” Ericsson scored and poof, time stood still. The shock & awe of it ground the earth’s rotation to a halt.

To all that I’ve had the honor of meeting these past few days, and to all my newly “adopted” kids, it’s been a blast. Be safe and GO WINGS!!!!