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H2H Pledges :: March 11 vs. Minnesota

So, my DVR failed on me. Yet again. All day I was looking forward to coming home and unwinding with a Red Wings game – I even ignored my phone and the internet (as much as I could) to keep it a complete surprise. Well played, Cablevision…

Anyway, I’ve tallied the numbers from last night’s big victory…

Mike S. :: $44 :: $5/goal + $19/win
Vicky B. :: $26/win
Sara N. :: $12 :: $2/goal + $2/Eurotwin Goal
Drew :: $10 :: $2/goal
Jenn :: $10 :: $2/goal
Rob M. :: $10 :: $2/goal
Brad B. :: $10 :: $2/goal
SigSeg :: $10 :: $2/goal
JJ from K :: $10 :: $2/goal
Andy :: $9/win
CaptNorris :: $7.20 :: $5/win 
Nurse Nitz :: $5/win
Beanie :: $5/win
Baroque :: $5/Lidstrom point
TPL Mom :: $5/Ericsson scratch
Natalie :: $4 :: $2/Holmstrom point
Allison :: $4 :: $2/Flying Circus goal
Jeff L. :: $2 :: $1/Bertuzzi penalty minute
TPL :: $10 :: $2/goal
TPL Dad’s 10% :: $19.60
If you’re interested in joining the fight and have a fun pledge you want to share with The Production Line, Herm 2 Hockeytown, and Children’s Hospital, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail. Check out the TPL post introducing the fun times and check out everyone’s pledges! If you’re on this list and don’t have a calculator handy — no worries. I’m keeping tabs on every single goal via a massive spreadsheet and will e-mail or Direct Message you your total at the end of the 12 games. 

2 thoughts on “H2H Pledges :: March 11 vs. Minnesota”

  1. Wow. These five-goal games are both exciting AND help the children!

    Maybe we need a giant novelty check written in crayons. 🙂

  2. DVR fails? Really? DVR's God. God's not supposed to well. Okay, enough with stupidity.
    But at least you have one. I don't, and I missed the whole first period because of school…

    One thing I didn't notice before:
    Jeff L. :: $2 :: $1/Bertuzzi penalty minute
    Haha, nice, but I hope Jeff doesn't have to make a lot of donations with that agenda…

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