New wing at Children’s Hospital to be named for Cristobal Huet

This used to be called hooking.


Wings 5-4. 
Mike Serven :: $44 :: $19 for the win + $5/goal
Krononymous ::
$41 :: $2/Crosby mention (10) + $2/Crosby commerical (3) + $2/goal + $5/intermission Crosby special
Vicky Bash :: $26/win
Andy, Fight Night :: $25 for tonight’s win
TPL Mom :: $17/Nick goal
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Drew, Helm Street :: $10 :: $2/goal
Jennbikegirl :: $10 :: $2/goal
Rob, Etched in Cold :: $10 :: $2/goal
Brad Boswell :: $10 :: $2/goal
SigSegFalt :: $10 :: $2/goal
Natalie, Scrappy Octopus :: $10 :: $2/goal
Dena :: $10 :: $2/goal
Nurse Nitz :: $10 :: $5/win + $5/Nick goal
Baroque :: $10 :: $5/Nick point
Beanie :: $5 :: $5/win
CaptNorris5 :: $5 :: $5/win
AllisonRW96 :: $2 :: $2/Flying Circus goal
The Production Line :: $10 :: $2/goal
TPL Dad’s 10% :: $27.20
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Well, how are you Dr. Jekyll? Detroit’s opening two minutes were fantastic, but the other 18 of the first period were a giant pig-mess. Chicago’s 2-0 lead seemed like it was going to unravel the Wings and make for a terrible Sunday afternoon.

But! Detroit roared back, scoring five goals in the second period. No one saw that coming. The first four goals came on a series of 8 shots — the last one chased Huet from the game. Niemi would allow Datsyuk’s goal with 2.7 seconds left in the second.

Jason Williams’ goal was special. I don’t know how he got his stick on the puck as he slid, chest-to-ice. Great play all around. On Nick’s goal, Tuzzi had a nice screen set up in front of Huet, and would get a second assist a few minutes later…a very strong middle frame by the Shetuzzi.

The third period was all Chicago again. It felt like they were going to tie it, and eventually win in overtime. But, alas, the Red Wings held on and took the only two points from the game.

In a day full of weak calls, I feel like Byfuglien is the new Holmstrom. The Hawks goal that was called back was Red Wings-esque, in that it probably shouldn’t have been called back. Weak calls all over the ice. But it felt good to catch a break for once.

Todd Bertuzzi was hurt in what looked like an awkward collision. He was on his way down, following a hit along the boards, when another Hawks added to the body-mass, seemingly making a knee-to-knee hit. It’s hard to tell, particularly since NBC didn’t show a good replay. We make fun of Todd Bertuzzi quite a bit around here, but I certainly don’t wish injury on the man and hope he’s back soon. Sadly, it didn’t look good. He had trouble getting to the bench, and couldn’t walk himself down the tunnel. He is one of only three Red Wings to play in all 65 games so far, and for him to miss any time at this point in the season would be too bad, seriously. It appears as though it’s a charley horse and he’ll be re-evaluated Monday. Doesn’t sound as bad as it looked.

The Predators lost, so the Wings are one point away from 7th place, with the same number of games played. They play Atlanta while the Wings are playing the Flames on Tuesday. Go Thrashers…?


1. Jimmy Howard was better than Cristobal Huet. Howard had a pretty terrible game, all things considered, but he did play better than Huet, who was atrocious, and I guess that’s what I had in mind.
2. The D did a good job cutting off the big guns. I don’t remember seeing Toews too often, and when I saw Kane, he was being stifled by the blueline, or brainfarting.
3. Datsyuk had another great game. Zetterberg looked a little off, as if he has a minor injury somewhere in the “lower body” region.
4. Insert NKOTB lyric here. That shit was much harder than I thought it’d be and I don’t have the energy to sift through to find another one.
5. None of these things happened for sixty minutes, but they happened for just enough minutes to get a W. I suppose that’s what counts. It was ugly, but that’s the year we’re having.
6. I still hate Pierre. Crosby was mentioned ten times today. TEN. If you’re just catching up, the Pittsburgh Penguins were not — I repeat, not — taking part in today’s hockey game.
7. Darren Helm played a good game, but didn’t put any more pucks in the net. 
Wings Wings Tuesday (I’m looking at you, Gander). Flames and Wings.

Photo Credit: Nam Huh