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Red Wings and Whitney join forces, raise $300…

Picture Courtesy of Casey at WIM


Red Wings 5-2
Mike Serven :: $44 :: $5/goal ($25), $19/win
Jennbikegirl :: $40 :: $5/Kronwall hit ($30), $2/goal
TPL Mom :: $34 :: $17/Helm goal
Rob, Etched in Cold :: $29 :: Helm’s goals = $ amount (9th and 10th goals = 19), $2/goal
Vicky Bash :: $26/win
Sara Neuie :: $14 :: $2/goal, $2 extra/EuroTwin goal ($4)
Natalie, Scrappy Octopus :: $12 :: $2/goal, $2 extra for Homer points
Andy, Fight Night :: $11 :: $9/win, $1/Helm goal
Drew, Nightmare on Helm Street :: $10 :: $2/goal
Brad Boswell :: $10 :: $2/goal
SigSegFalt :: $10 :: $2/goal
AllisonRW96 :: $6 :: $2/Flying Circus Goal
Nurse Nitz :: $5/win
Beanie :: $5/win
Baroque :: $5/Nick point
CaptNorris5 :: $5/win
The Production Line :: $10 :: $2/goal
TPL Dad :: $27.6 :: 10% of total raised
If you’re interested in joining the fight and have a fun pledge you want to share with The Production Line, Herm 2 Hockeytown, and Children’s Hospital, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail. Check out the TPL post introducing the fun times and check out everyone’s pledges! If you’re on this list and don’t have a calculator handy — no worries. I’m keeping tabs on every single goal via a massive spreadsheet and will e-mail or Direct Message you your total at the end of the 12 games. 
This was a damn good effort almost from the moment the puck hit the Joe ice. The best players have to be the best players, and they were. The role players have to play their roles, and they did. The goaltending has to be competent, and it was. The special teams have to be special, and they were. Everything seemed to be clicking the way they have to be to get a W and have a four point swing on a team above us in the standings.

But we’re all ignoring the most important fact of tonight’s game…


I don’t know about you, but I could absolutely handle Whitney Houston-related pre-games for the rest of the year. Especially if there’s a chance that her mother Cissy Houston, husband Bobby Brown (and his group New Edition), cousin Dionne Warwick, and godmother Aretha Fraklin make appearances, I can get through the final 18 games and any playoff games coming our way. Sadly, Thelma Houston is not related. I could go for some disco right about now…

Anyway, back to bidness…

The first Red Wings goal was stunning. Pavel committed flat out robbery as a Nashville defender attempted to round the goal, put a nasty little whoopsidaisy on Dan Ellis, and roofed a backhand. Highlight reel. Full of awesome. Not a single “Datsyukian” was uttered by Mickey Redmond. Can you believe that? Because I can’t. It was another $5, telegraphed, and there will never be a better time to use such a phrase.

Homer played like a man possessed. He was hitting everything that moved, and even tapped in a puck that landed in his office. Not only did he tap it in, he did a little Datsyukian (Mickey be-damned) stickhandling, presumably just to prove that he can, before making it 2-0 Wings. The Nick Lidstrom assist, by the way, was his 800th as a Red Wing. He is the fourth player to hit that benchmark — the three above him are Alex Delvecchio, Gordie Howe, and Steve Yzerman. Perhaps you’ve heard of one or two of those gentlemen.

Did I hear a Tootoo whistle at Joe Louis Arena? If so, I blame the entire section sitting around the perpetrator for not punchasizing his/her face. For free. Super Troopers FTW.

Darren Helm singlehandedly earned nearly $100 for Children’s Hospital tonight. First, he connected on a nifty play that was 98% Patrick Eaves. Eaves, like Drew Miller, played an extremely strong game. A few minutes later, Danger converted on a sicknasty shorty, basically independently. He was on a mini-break, his first shot was stopped, but he stuck with the play and put back the rebound.

In the game thread at Winging it in Motown, something very disturbing was learned. At Taco Bell in Canada, you can get something called a Fries Supreme: french fries, ground beef, sour cream, nacho cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, and awesome (H/T to Eight Legged Freaks for the head’s up). In a related story, The Production Line is moving our office across the border effective immediately. With the free health care, my ensuing heart problem shouldn’t be a problem. Rob, I’ll send for your stuff… just meet me there.

The Predators got a few nice goals, but weren’t able to climb all the way out of the hole (thank Jeebus). Their first came on a very nice tic-tac-toe play after Bertuzzi shanked an alleged breakaway. Next, an absolute bomb off the stick of Joel Ward cut the lead to 4-2.

Z iced it with an empty netter. Chicken dinner.

1. Howard needed to play a good game after playing a poor game on Wednesday. He was strong when he needed to be, but didn’t see a ton of action. A good enough showing, but nothing like that Kings game earlier in the season.
2. Jonathan Ericsson will have trouble getting into the lineup if the Wings keep winning 5-2. Obviously, it wasn’t Brett Lebda’s contribution that turned a 6-3 loss into a 5-2, but Babcock would be wise not to tinker with what’s working. Tonight, the lineup worked.
3. Todd Bertuzzi continues to not disappoint after being dropped to the third line, full of ridiculous passes and – at one point – I swear he shot 180 degrees from the wide open net. In fairness, he did seem to be around a lot of action (when he wasn’t going to the penalty box or falling down), so something should be said of his ability to generate opportunities. Even if he fails miserably once those opportunities are presented. 
4. Williams on a scoring line. I don’t remember seeing him once. Rumor has it he received 6% of the player of the game votes. Somewhere, in Corktown, Willi Vanilli’s father is furiously texting FSN like a fourteen year old girl watching American Idol. 
Chicago on Sunday. It’s a big one. Lots of pledges riding on it. NBC vomitty. 

9 thoughts on “Red Wings and Whitney join forces, raise $300…”

  1. I could deal with some Whitney if the team keeps playing like this. Can someone get a hold of the DJ at the Joe and get him to play some of this pregame? It'd be kinda hilarious, but like Babbles, you don't mess with what works.

    And to answer your question, I was at the game, and YES, there was a GODDAMN Tootoo whistle at the game! I heard it (I think they were a few sections away from mine) and I was about ready to recruit the drunk Canadian guys behind me to get on it, but thankfully, it was only a few times. The family sitting in front of me where absolutely obnoxious Predators fans (who the hell is a fan of the Preds in Detroit? Does Nashville even really know they have hockey?), who kept yelling "Get 'em Weber!" every time he was on the ice. And proceeded to inform me about the Tootoo whistle after I shouted in disgust how much I hated those things. I (politely) responded that I'm not an idiot, and know who those stupid things are for. THANKFULLY they did NOT have one.

    Helmer continues to remind me why I should be buying his jersey next. I hope that Patrick Eaves remembers what an awesome game he had against Chicago in Jan. & builds on it. This is the one time where I hope NBC goes extra crazy on the Crosby-loving because it means more for the kids. Way to go H2H!!

  2. Nitz, you gotta go all stealth and retrieve said Tootoo Whistle. I wish I had known you were there. I would have offered $100 to H2H if you could SNATCH THAT WHISTLE and take a picture of yourself with it, submitting it to TPL. It would be the single greatest accomplishment we could ever be associated with — H2H included.

    Jenn, it's the way that I wanna live. I can do just what I feel. No one can tell me what to do 'cuz what I'm doing I'm doing for you good folks. Don't get me wrong, I'm really not souped, ego trips are not my thing, but all these strange blogger-reader relationships really get me down. I see nothing wrong with spreading myself around. Everybody's talking all this stuff about me, why don't they just let me live?

  3. Please! No more coke addled show off-ery from Whitney! If you're gonna go down that road, go with class, like Aretha or Tina Turner

  4. Stayed up way too late watching the replay but now am totally looking forward to tomorrow. NHL on the Fly has been showing this idiotic interview with Skidmarks on his damned OT "gold medal winning goal" so I totally expect the broadcast to be chock full of contributions.

    Not a good night for the "Get'em Weber!" crowd so that had to make you feel good Nurse Nitz.

  5. I'd love for Nick to have a performance that costs me a lot more than just $5.00.

    After all, it's for the children!

  6. Sorry, Big Rig, but Lilja and Lebda were a solid defensive pair tonight that even made some really good decisions in the offensive zone. There's nothing in the way they played together that would indicate Ericsson deserves another shift until somebody falters or there's another injury.

    I know it's just one game, but if Lebda can keep playing like that, I'd even be happy with us re-signing him.

    Of course, if he keeps playing like that, he's going to price himself out of our range and (boo-hoo), we'll have to part ways.

  7. Hmm here I am thinking that the fries surpreme also include bacon.. Oh and am I allowed to change my pledge now that bertuzzi is never gonna score a goal Again?

  8. I finally decided what to do with Fabric Hossa – instead of anything practical, I'm going to make him part of a completely pointless and silly art project. With scissors and red and white duct tape. 🙂

    (And yes, I will take photos of the process to document it for posterity – or something.)

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