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H2H Pledges :: March 3rd vs. Vancouver

Well the game sucked nards, but we raised a few more bucks for the kids, and that’s the silver lining:

Matching the Production Line’s pledge of $2 per goal were the following:
–Jennbikegirl :: ($6)
–Natalie, Scrappy Octopus ($6)
–Drew from Nightmare on Helm Street :: ($6)
–Rob from Etched in Cold :: ($6)
–Brad Boswell :: ($6)
–SigSegFalt :: ($6)
–Sara :: ($6) :: make sure you check out Sara’s new blog!

Making good on their own pledges:
–Mike Serven :: $5/goal ($15)
–Allison :: $2/Flying Circus goal ($2)
–Sara :: $2/Eurotwin goal ($2)
–Dad :: Matches 10% of total raised ($6.70 today)

Unknown :: if anyone knows how many times Mickey Redmond said “Datsyukian,” let me know. One of our pledges relies on it, but I only had the TSN feed… the numbers may be increased, but I’ll need your help!


If you don’t have a calculator handy, don’t fret. I’m keeping an Excel spreadsheet with everyone’s pledges, and keeping track of progress. At the end of the 12 games, I’ll be happy to send you an e-mail (or Twitter DM) with the totals, including breakdowns if you like.

If you’re interested in pledging for the next ten games, shoot me an e-mail. To see the pledges that have already been made, keep track of the original post.

8 thoughts on “H2H Pledges :: March 3rd vs. Vancouver”

  1. Michael,

    I'm fixin to start watching the game right now, I'll be happy to tally the Datsyukians for you.

  2. First of all, anything you're fixin' to do, The Production Line wants a part of. HA!

    Absolutely appreciate that! Shoot me an e-mail or jump back into the comments here and we'll get the dollars and cents added up!

  3. Funny how people "fix" to do things and sometimes "break" to do things, but the words used that way are only subtly different instead of being opposites … Or maybe I'm just a little bored today and my mind is wandering.

  4. I love how my name is listed "Natalie, Scrappy Octopus" like it's an official, royal title. Yay or nay on ONLY answering to this in my everyday life?

  5. Baroque, this is deep stuff. I can't say I'm super familiar with "breaking" to do something, I think I need an example. My fiancee is FASCINATED with regional dialects and how the same stuff is called something different all over the country (the obvious example is sub sandwich/hoagie/hero, etc…). I feel like you two could talk about linguistics.

    Natalie, a whole-hearted "Yay" from me. Answering the phone at work, "Natalie, Scrappy Octopus here."

  6. Sorry for the lateness, but Mickey did not utter the word "Datsyukian" once during the game. And neither did Ken for that matter. I was hoping for at least one "Holy Jumpin", but to no avail. Sigh.

  7. DAMN! Thanks for checking for us… who would believe he'd say it ZERO times? Unheard of…

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