Chris Osgood vs. some kids

Big time hat tip to Matt Saler for Tweeting this awesome story. Mike Mouat of the Red Wings Examiner shares this gem with us:

With three Stanley Cups and 396 career wins in his 16-year career in the NHL, Detroit Red Wings goaltender Chris Osgood is accustomed to stopping NHL snipers from finding the back of the net at Joe Louis Arena, but how will Osgood fare on his own home ice? This Saturday afternoon, Feb. 27th, Osgood will face off against six kids under the age of 14 in a two-hour session on his backyard ice rink, schooling the kids on the finer points of  hockey and making the most of his home-ice advantage.

I’m going to ignore for a second how incredibly jealous I am that Chris Osgood has a rink in his backyard and how totally awesome of Chris Osgood this is (but, for the record, it is)… and direct you back to Saler’s tweet anticipating snarky anti-Osgood comments. Well, friends, I’m sure we can oblige. I’ve already gotten the obvious “What’s the over/under,” “Does this count as a start,” and “Target save percentage: .900” out of the way, and now I turn it over to you. Please share your best Osgood comments in the comments below, because there is obviously gold hidden in this situation. I don’t want to make this a pro-Osgood vs. pro-Howard fight, I just figured it’s an appropriate time to talk nonsense and get some LULZ in before the NHL comes back.

To be clear, I don’t hate Chris Osgood personally. I’m sure he’s a good dude (when he’s not crying), but he’s made himself a target with his play the last few seasons and with his mouth this year. At this point, when he’s so obviously lost the debate for the pro-Osgood people, you can’t help but poke fun a litttttttle bit.

Let ‘er rip.