With the Olympics in full swing and Red Wings news at a minimum, I figured I’d take this opportunity to play a little catch-up with all the important things in TPLand and Motown.

The first, and most important, thing worth noting is that it’s time to pay up for H2H. We’re just about a month out, and Jen MacRostie has made sure that we’re taken care of at Hockeytown Cafe and with TPL’s good friend Ryan Michael regarding game tickets. As you probably read at A2Y and Motown Wings, Jen has given an update regarding payment:

Important: There is only one more week for people to pay me for game tickets. I have a few stragglers and I just cannot front the money to people, this needs to get done. They can still get tickets on their own from Ryan Michaels after that time, but I cannot extend the deadline any further. Hockeytown Cafe payment is needed by March 5. Logistically I simply cannot let this go longer than these deadlines, I have too many people to collect for and these places need to get paid. Tell them they don’t want to not be at Hockeytown Cafe as that is where the penalty box seats prize drawing will be held!! Donations can still be made here

Speaking of the penalty box prize and Mr. Michaels, I received an e-mail with some snapshots from view you could win:


Also: if you, or someone you know, is interested in corporate sponsorship, or have any items for donation, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll make sure it gets to the right people.

The Obstructed View / Bertuzzi Shirt Update
In case you missed it, I’ve entered a little wager with Hollis and Natalie. If either Twitter account (H2H or TOV) meets certain benchmarks, I’ll willingly embarrass myself. The details:

  • 500 followers — For the first period of the H2H game, I’ll wear a shirt being designed by Natalie. All I’ve been told is “pink, glitter, Boy Band.”
  • 750 followers — Two periods
  • 1000 followers — I’ll wear it all day, and Kiernicki will regale you with a live version of Man-Tuzzi. 

As of this writing, you’ve got a long way to go. H2H has 167 followers, and TOV has 228. Spread the word, get following!

New Kids on the Blog
There are a handful of new Red Wings blogs out there that worth a look. So drop by, explain to them the hazing rituals they’re in for, and check back often:

  • 5-on-3: which only has one post so far, but looks promising. 
  • Eight Legged Freaks: brought to you by a regular WIM contributor by the same screenname.
  • Heil!RedWings: preview headline: “You’re the Detroit Fucking Red Wings.” Sold.
  • Wings Win, Eh?: brand spanking new — with some thoughts on upcoming free agents.

TLL Marian
In our very first TPL-sponsored contest, Baroque was the big winner of a fabric Marian Hossa banner. This ridiculously crappy prize has been mailed to Miss B, and she assures us that she’s got her thinking cap on, and will send us pictures of the horrible life Maid Marian du Fabrique now lives…

TPL vs. Fight Night Bet
Andy from Fight Night at the Joe and I entered into a wager very early this season, and it all rests on Todd Bertuzzi’s shoulders (which, obviously, means it will bite me in the ass). I bet Andy that Todd wouldn’t score twenty goals this season, despite playing almost exclusively with some of the best playmakers on the planet. Andy was nice enough to take that bet.

If Bertuzzi scores 20 or more, I will change the banner at the top of TPL from insanely simple text to one that shows my true feelings for the Tuzz. If Bertuzzi scores 19 or fewer, Andy has agreed to record an acoustic version of The Todd Bertuzzi Song.

It looked bleak for me in December. With a two goal performance the day after Christmas, Bert had twelve and was on pace for 26. Andy even offered to up the mark to 25 goals. I declined, still confident he couldn’t make 20. In the next 23 games, he only scored three times. He’s now on pace for 20.16. GONNA BE A CLOSE ONE!

The Lebda 50/50
I made no secret that I thought Brett Lebda was likely to be traded by the deadline. I then offered to do a backflip – and videotape it (hint: I can’t do a backflip) – if the Wings acquire a 2nd round draft pick in return. There appears to be a 50/50 chance that he’s moved. There’s a 50/50 chance he fetches a second rounder. There’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll hurt myself very badly. If my math is right, that gives you something like 165% of laughing at me. Oh wait, that can’t be right…

Call for Words
If you’ve enjoyed being jailsexed while frolicking through the pages of TPL, it’s your duty to suggest new words to appear in every post for March. JJ and Andy struck gold. It’s your turn now. Next week, we’ll be throwing a poll on the main page so you can vote for the best submission. Keep ’em coming.

Pre-Game Nicknames
If you have a theme in mind for upcoming TPL pre-games’ nicknames, send them our way.