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Big Thanks to Chris Hollis!

A huge thumbs up to Chris Hollis of Motown Wings and Obstructed View fame, who took the reigns of TPL last night and delivered nothing but gold. Both Rob and I weren’t going to have a chance to watch the game – even on DVR delay – until Wednesday evening, and by then a recap would have been old news. Hollis was kind enough to offer his services and the result was nothing short of perfect. Well done, friend.

Next, I pose a question to you — our dear readers. Should I even bother watching the Wings / Blues game? I mean… I already know the outcome, and most of the stories, but there are a handful of things I’m curious about:

1. Was Brad May’s fight a desperate last-ditch effort to save himself from potentially being waived? Or was it like the retarded circus act he’s been putting us all through all season?

2. Seemed to be a lot of Bertuzzi hate going on tonight. Validation is nice. Funny how I only get barraged with texts/calls/tweets when he scores (which, by the way, he hasn’t done in nine games — and has only done in a grand total of twelve games all season…and yeah, yeah, I know… you don’t measure a player by the amount of goals he scores. But apparently you don’t measure him by terrible passes, retarded penalties, or skating ability, so I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to judge him on. Don’t say character).

3. I’m very curious to see the final few minutes when Detroit turned it on and pulled a “what every team does to Detroit” and came back from two down to tie it late.

4. I’d like to see what all these Tweets are about. Presumably some unbelievable save by Jimmy Howard, given the context, but Twitter sold it…

So what do you think, gang? Worth the watch?

10 thoughts on “Big Thanks to Chris Hollis!”

  1. If you can stand watching the Blues play the puck possession game against the Wings, then watch it. I am not sure we even touched the puck on two of our goals. Pavs had some nice flashes though and there is the Mulestache, of course. Yes, it's foul but I don't care what's on that man's face as long as he's in the line up. Plus, it's kind of retro in an unintentional way.

    Watch it for Jimmy and the last few minutes if for no other reason than to hear the Blues' fans boo there own team.

  2. Jon Ericcson's assist is a must-see! 😉 (damn you Kris maybe, could've, maybe gone in without you)

  3. Mauvais gardien de but

    I would say it's worth watching but perhaps with your finger hovering over the fast forward button.

    Plus, the Mulestache is fantastic. I don't care what anyone says. I love it.

  4. Dear Michael,

    I just wanted to tell you there's a glitch in the Matrix. No, really. We described Chris Hollis the exact same way ("of MW and TOV fame"). I promise I had not read this before I posted my recent thing earlier today.

    I am freaked out now and am going to go away for a while.


  5. Krononymous, that's good advice. I do want to see it and the consensus seems to be that it isn't THAT bad.

    Ma, if Johnny Ericsson nearly scored, you must have been watching Lost and the game must have taken place on the island, where strange shit happens that no one can explain.

    Mauvais, the mustache viewing is truly something I'm jealous of – I need to see what the hubbub is.

    Natalie, great minds, am I right? Headed to TSO right now to give you shit…

  6. There was nothing worth watching. Maybe 1) Mule's stache, 2) Bert's penalty like 30 sec in the game, 3) Jimmy's great save in overtime. I think that's about it!

  7. Knowing how it turns out, I'd only watch the third period. Even the comeback wasn't particularly impressive, but it's at least nice to see that we're capable. Well… maybe Datsyuk in OT was really impressive too.

  8. Mauvais gardien de but

    Yeah, the more I think about it, J.J. is right. The comeback wasn't that impressive considering that it was a constant thing last season.

    And really, the most spectacular goal of the night was from JWilly in the shootout (so that tells you something about it's spectacularity right there. No, that's not a real word but it is now.) All the other goals kinda looked like accidents.

  9. I've got it on right now — saw the Bertuzzi penalty approximately seven seconds into the game. Just saw Brad May's fight. I guess I was expecting less — I was mildly impressed with it.

    That mustache is something else. More on that later at TPL – stay tuned.

    Darren Pang looks like an oompa loompa next to Mike Babcock…who isn't a giant man.

    That first Detroit goal is FULL of whiskey-tango-foxtrot. Bizarre.

    "Davis Payne" sounds like he should be a golfer. Or Die Hard villain.

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