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“The one with the cross-country skis and the rifle.”

Head on over to The Obstructed View and give the latest episode a listen. Much of the time was spent avoiding talking about the Red Wings, because it’s been depressing, and some of the funniest stuff happens when Hollis asked everyone what their favorite non-hockey Winter Olympic sport.

Episode nine features Kris from Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle, Jess from Bingo Bango, and our very own Rob Discher. The super trio joins Chris Hollis of Motown Wings and super producer Brian Kiernicki.

5 thoughts on ““The one with the cross-country skis and the rifle.””

  1. Rob: 10 points for Biathlon. Great, exciting sport. And two Norwegians, Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Emil Hegle Svendsen, are totally owning it

  2. @ Andy: I've got Lanny Barnes as my darkhorse this year, though reasonable men could argue that he's not even the best Barnes on the team.

  3. hahaha. Fat chance. Prediction: Bjørndalen will do as he did in Salt Lake and win every biathlon event. For the record ( he has won 90 world cup races in biathlon and one in cross country which is a record for winter athletes. He is the definition of pure awesome.

    BTW, Biathlon is probably the most watched winter sport on TV in at least Norway and Germany.

    And I am sorry to say it, judging from the talk on ski jumping and biathlon, you guys aren't that skilled when it comes to talking about the winter olympics. 😛

    Oh, and BTW, another Norwegian alert. Everyone should watch the cross country relay and other cross country events with a mass start, because the Norwegian Petter Northug will do this: (he's the guy in red)

  4. Fair point, Andy. As a rule, American's don't know shit about the winter olympics other than they're cold and we beat the russians…like once…in hockey.

    Thanks for the link. That's easily the best cross country skiing video I've watched all year.

  5. hehe..

    And probably the only one. That was the world championships in 07. Everyone in Norway were glued to the TV. It was HUGE over here. And the guy does that with regularity.

    Prediction: Norway wins 10-12 golds, but suck at hockey

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