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Totally Looks Like… Finalists and WINNER!

We’ve had lots of laughs over the last seven days, and that’s thanks to the dozens of hilarious submissions in our Look-a-Like Contest. Rob and I decided it’d be funny to offer up a “prize” to the winner, the cheesier the better, in hopes that the winner would take said prize (a Marian Hossa banner…really…who would want that, even if he was still on the team?) and take lurid and disturbing photos of it (think: with a noose around it’s thin fabric neck and trailing behind a car).
Since one of the more popular submissions (Todd Bertuzzi totally looks like Charles Manson) was submitted by a member of the family (HI MOM!), I thought it’d be only fair to have her select the finalists and the winner.
Before we announce the winner, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the rest of the Top Ten. A pretty awesome selection: some that really look like a celebrity counterpart — others that were just too funny to pass up. In no particular order, your finalists:
Herm‘s Kris Draper / Chuck Norris submission
WingedUP‘s Jon Heder / Justin Abdelkader submission
Serven‘s Todd Bertuzzi / Brett Favre submission
Jennbikegirl‘s Nicklas Lidstrom / Neil Patrick Harris submission
UCLA Jenn‘s Carson Daly / Todd Bertuzzi submission
Casey‘s Willem Dafoe / Mike Babcock submission
CaptNorris5‘s Chris Osgood / Weird Talking E-Trade Baby submission
Natalie‘s Ville Leino / Scream Killer submission
Andy‘s Jimmy Howard / Brick Wall submission
Drumroll, please! It’s time to announce the winner of the first TPL-sponsored Look-a-Like Contest (which totally implies we intend on doing it again, because it was too full of awesome)… the winner has been contacted, and we eagerly await seeing what she does with Fabric Marian. We know the rest of you do, as well.
Baroque’s Niklas Kronwall / Speeding Truck submission
Great stuff from everyone – we were all very impressed. We always knew our readers were beautiful/handsome and intelligent… but clever and funny, too? Man… Rob and I thought there were so few of us…

9 thoughts on “Totally Looks Like… Finalists and WINNER!”

  1. I loved this contest! What an awesome idea and so much fun to enter. TPL Mom, you did a great job picking the winner! And congratulations on the win, Baroque!

  2. I totally agree with the winner. The red and white color scheme on the truck just makes it work so well. My second favorite has got the be the Nick/NPH one. Didn't realize that they look alike till you put the pictures next to each other, then it's kind of uncanny. This was a great idea…gotta keep it fun, right?

  3. Holy crap!

    I'm horrible at this kind of thing because I never know the names of any actors or singers or other celebrities, but when I saw a RED AND WHITE semi I couldn't pass it up, it was too perfect – the truck and Kronwall were even facing the same direction. 🙂

    What to do with fabric Marian, what to do … hmmmmmm ….

  4. Well, you know I love it. Let's just hope practice goes well today and we get to see that semi back on the ice tomorrow.

    The Napoleon Dynamite/Abby is awesome WingedUP.

  5. Congrats Baroque!

    Hope you don't need to hold a cup of any kind soon; things associated with Hossa don't do well with cups. But if you need to choke a bitch…well, that's a goat of a different stroke.

    wait, where am I?

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