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Hate Week concludes with more Hate!

The first Ducks goal was reminiscent of a bunch of Wings goals against lately. An odd-man opportunity for the Wings, Flip hustles to negate an icing, Bertuzzi flubs his opportunity (my shocked face, let me show you it), the Ducks turn and go the other way, the Red Wings can’t transition, goal for the bad guys.

Jonathan Ericsson dropped the gloves with Troy Bodie. That would prove to be the most exciting part of the bout. It was a failed fight, but it was successful in two respects: A) Johnny alerted Mike Babcock he doesn’t want to be in the press box anymore and B) Johnny, like Patrick Eaves before him, put Brad May on notice. If you’re not willing to do these kinds of things, we don’t need you.

Anaheim’s second goal (get this!) went to review. It appeared as if the puck went in off of Kyle Chipchura’s glove, but Toronto ruled that it was a good goal. I don’t think it’s one of those SCREWED AGAIN! moments, because unlike some of the other reviews that haven’t gone the Red Wings’ way this season, this wasn’t an obvious no-goal that was deemed legal. Perhaps an “intent to wave” rule is on its way (h/t Gander).

I actually said “whoa” aloud as Lidstrom’s pass connected with Datsyuk on the power play. Pavel separated from the defenders and was in alone with Jonas Hiller. He got the exact shot he wanted, but Hiller made a circus save. But, even though the attempt was failed, the pass from Lidstrom was absolutely perfect.

The Ducks play by play guy actually said, “Coast to coast like buttered toast.” No bullshit.

Bobby Ryan from Ryan Getzlaf. Hate. A few moments later, the announcers made note of the Ducks top line missing a piece for nine games spread out over two injuries. Poor babies! How ever did they manage to formulate a roster missing someone for nine whole games?! We should send them a Get Well card, guys. It’ll be on me if you can think of an appropriate inscription.

With ten seconds left in the second period, Pavel Datsyuk had the same opportunity as a few minutes earlier, only this time he buried it. There was a little bit of hope heading into the room. Oh, hope. You’re a little bitch, aren’t you?

Flip was robbed time and time again by Hiller. I’m inclined to say he had a bad night — but did he? He created a lot of opportunities, and just because he doesn’t have any finish (not Finnish – he’s got that), doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a strong game. He was over 50% in the faceoff circle, had seven shots and eleven opportunities. He’s making things happen, he’s just not converting on them.

Why can no one win when we need them to? Did Chicago really lose to the St. Louis Blues? The best team on the planet to a bunch of scrubs? Fuck you, Chicago. Other scores around the league alllllll went the way the Wings didn’t need them to:

  • Ottawa beat Buffalo (who cares)
  • St. Louis beat Chicago (yes, for real)
  • Calgary beat Carolina (was hoping for a miracle we’re obviously not going to get this season)
  • Edmonton beat Philadelphia (almost inconsequential except to note that if the Eastern Conference wasn’t a minor league, it’d help a lot)

1. Homer: strong game, less offense than last night – but still looked good.
2. Hate. It is strong in this one.
3. May mustache. Not only did May not grow a mustache, he didn’t do a damn thing all night!

What’s next?
TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF — Kings on Saturday.

Photo Credit: Chris Carlson, AP

6 thoughts on “Hate Week concludes with more Hate!”

  1. Brad May was completely invisible, except for one solid hit he leveled on someone. I can't remember who it was, so I guess it doesn't matter after all.

    I think Filppula had an awesome night; for whatever reason, it wasn't his night to find the back of the net, ever. But he was working extremely hard out there, flying around and finding chances. Coming out of the loss, I was happiest about his, Helm's and Eaves's performances last night.

  2. Hiller was ridiculous. Plain and simple he was all over the ice. And for the most part he didn't have to make spectacular saves. I think he's probably got the quickest directions changes and best body positioning. Wish he would go to the East but oh well.

    And good job by E dropping the gloves, take THAT Brad May.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention: the Ducks' announcers didn't irritate me nearly as much as I thought they would; they actually talked about the Wings and everything, unlike that nation-wide NBC Pittsburgh affiliate. But seriously, they have to be the cheesiest people ever, so I agree with you 100 million percent there. Earlier in the season, I was watching a Ducks' game, and I actually heard them say "Oh, look out, cook out" during a breakaway. I haven't been the same since.

  4. Not to mention how many times they brought up Jimmy's hips. Just weird.

    Anyway, we're supposed to be talking about hate, so here goes:

    I HATE giving up goals in the first 90 seconds of a game. I HATE people starting fights after clean hits. I HATE how many stupid Vezina-worthy goaltending performances we have faced this season. I HATE hearing the same old story about all the players we lost from last season for the millionth time (seriously, we have already played the Ducks this year more than once, haven't they said that already?). I HATE hearing about how we lost because we were weary, tired, jet-lagged, etc. I HATE that everybody else we wanted to win lost last night.

    And of course, I HATE the Ducks.

  5. It's almost unexplainable how much I hate the Ducks and the Kings. I'm from Southern California and hearing these two names mentioned makes me want to dropkick babies… but I especially hate losing to these teams, when we've proven we can take on bigger/better teams.

  6. Dude, the Ducks' announcers are the worst in the NHL. We had to have them for a Sabres vs ducks game, and they kept making cheesy cracks about Tyler Myers height. I just wanted to vomit.

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