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Totally Looks Like…

***UPDATE 2***
Alright, here’s the deal. Rob and I decided we wanted the “prize” to be something completely cheesy – it’s only fitting. So, we’ll leave the contest open for a week — until next Friday, February 5th — and then TPL Mom will pick the winner from all of our hilarious submissions. I’ll get in touch with the winner to get their address and send them a (wait for it….) Marian Hossa – IN BANNER FORM! It was a gift from the season ticket office, and no one wants it. Perhaps it can adorn your dartboard, or replace the toilet paper roll, or be crafted into a voodoo doll of sorts.

A “prize” will be announced in the morning (and by morning, I mean afternoon). To make things fair, TPL Mom is going to be your judge… thus removing from contention the Bertuzzi/Manson TLL which is DAMN good.

Keep ’em coming. This is hilarious.

My mom wants to know… “doesn’t Unfaithful’s Oliver Martinez look like Jonathan Ericsson?”

And so the next TPL contest is borne… which celebrity/actor/actress/person most looks like your favorite Red Wing? Bonus points for the best Todd Bertuzzi “TLL.” Rob and I will brainstorm some sort of “prize” for the best examples.

Go to to build your own…

Bring ’em on…

50 thoughts on “Totally Looks Like…”

  1. These are great… I'm already very pleased.

    @Herm, Helm IS God, not just looks like him. And I never thought about it, but Drapes DOES kinda look like Chuck Norris.

    @Serven, Salt and Pepper hair is all it takes, but they really DO kinda resemble one another.

    @Maria, Jared Leto's pretty. So is Zetterberg sometimes. Well done.

    @Mom, EVERYONE is going to think I put you up to that. Let it be known I had NOTHING to do with that and it is SPOT ON. Those photos…. they look alike, yo!

  2. @Baroque

    Yeah… it was hard to do. At the time I thought it was for the best. Hey… who knows, maybe it worked. He seems to be doing just fine now. Plus, everything I write turns out to be completely wrong all the time so, no harm no foul. Haha

  3. Wow…I step away for one night…

    TPL Mom, even if my Pro-Tuzzi and your Con-Tuzzi worlds never see eye to eye on the man, that posting was hillarious.

    Close second – Flip as that Vampire dude. I wouldn't know what movie that was from because I only watch Stallone flicks, but I hear it was wicked popular.

  4. Damn, I missed this party completely. I think TPL mom probably has it locked up with the Bertuzzi/Manson one, but just in case there's one of those McDonald's Monopoly "family members can't win" rules in place, here are my favorites in no particular order. They're all good, but these ones stood out as uncanny and hilarious, for various reasons.

    Mariia19's Leto/Zetterberg

    Kris with the Filppula/Fabio

    Mserven and the Bertuzzi/Favre

    Casey's Willem Dafoe/Mike Babcock (purely because of the Boondock Saints mental picture it gave me)

    jfliska with the Pavs/E.T. (I love Pavs, but their heads are the same shape)

  5. I just spend the last 18 minutes copying and pasting all the links into my browser and then giggling profusely at the results… and all on work time. Thanks to all for making my paycheck earning that much more amusing.

    P.S. My favorites include Bert/Manson, Speeding Truck, and Ozzie as all kinds of toddlers.

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