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Hockeytown 4 Haiti

If you haven’t already heard, Casey at Winging it in Motown is following the lead of many of the SB Nation blogs and hosting a game thread in an effort to raise funds for the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This Sunday, when the Wings take on the Penguins, five cents will be donated to the cause for every comment made during the game. Casey approached me a few weeks ago, and I’m excited to be a part of this, particularly since I hadn’t yet gotten off of my booty and dug into my pocket.

Our goal is to have $1,000 raised and ready for donation. As of this writing, we’re a little more than halfway there. If you’re interested in adding a few dollars to the fund, shoot Casey an email at MrNorrisTrophy(at)

Some other important things to note:

  • People can donate if they WANT, but are not obligated.
  • It’s free to comment in the game thread.
  • All donations will go to the Red Cross after the event is over.
  • All donations will be acknowledged in a thank you post (unless they wish to remain anonymous).

Please drop by the game thread on Sunday. It’s always a good time, but Sunday is for a good cause.

3 thoughts on “Hockeytown 4 Haiti”

  1. Yup, they've been getting better and better. We're around 7 or 800 each night now… we're aiming, obviously, for the thousands on Sunday.

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