I’m SO Jonathan.

Hi hockey fans! Do you feel like helping me make an ass of myself? Of COURSE you do!

Our dear friend Chris Hollis, of Motown Wings and Obstructed View fame, with help from Natalie of The Scrappy Octopus, have come up with a little side-bet leading up to the Herm 2 Hockeytown game. Involving me. Aren’t they sweet?

Last night, prior to the game, Hollis says to me, “I have an idea, but I want to run it by you…” Skeptical, yet oddly thankful, I ask him to proceed, knowing that it can be one of two things: a question about logistics and TOV or something so completely off-the-charts ridiculous.

Silly me, even pretending it could have been the first one.

Long story short, I’ve agreed to wear a “shirt showing my true love for Bertuzzi” should @RedWingsOV or @H2Hockeytown reach certain benchmarks on Twitter. I know nothing of the shirt’s design, but I’ve heard the following words as “clues”:

1) Pink.
2) Glitter.
3) Boy band.

Here are the rules — if EITHER of those Twitter accounts gets 500 followers, I will wear this glorious work of art for the first period of the H2H game in March. If either account gets 750 followers, it becomes two periods. If either reaches 1,000 followers, I’ll wear it the entire damn day.


In addition to seeing me wear this ridiculous shirt for the entire night, EVERYONE will be treated to a LIVE rendition of Man-Tuzzi, as sung – karaoke-style – by TOV Super Producer Brian Kiernicki. Anyone who listed to the latest episode knows of its awesomeness. Frankly, as much as I’m terrified of what this shirt will look like, I kinda wanna see this performance. I’m so torn.

Some good will come of all this… for every benchmark met, TOV will make additional monetary donations to Children’s Hospital of Michigan. So, if you think about it, I’m offering to go out — in public — like a twelve year old girl like it’s 1994 for the children. Won’t somebody please think of the children?

As of this writing, there’s a long way to go. @RedWingsOV has 183 followers, and @H2Hockeytown has 106. Get followin’, world. For more information, check out TOV’s announcement of said ridiculousness.