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Jan 26 :: Mamase Mamasa Mamacusa

The Red Wings host the Coyotes at the Joe. This is the fourth and final matchup between the two teams this season. The Wings are 2-0-1 against Phoenix this season, outscoring the Dogs 9-6. Let’s keep that streak up, eh?
1. Detroit starts tonight in the eighth posit- wait, what? For realz? STAY THERE. Unlike last week, there’s no IMMEDIATE danger of slipping out of the 8th spot, since Calgary isn’t in action tonight. But pretty soon here, the Wings have to shove their stake into the ground and say THIS IS MINE. YOU CAN’T HAVE. NOT YOURS. It’s about time they want to be startin’ something (see what I did there? Yesterday was 7 months since MJ’s death).
2. Niklas Kronwall makes his triumphant return to the lineup, which is awesome news for a variety of reasons: A) Niklas Kronwall comes back and B) Derek Meech goes away. Bring on the Boomstick.
3. Todd Bertuzzi is riding a two-game goal-scoring streak into tonight’s game. Getting REALLY close to having to change the TPL banner.
The last time the Wings and Coyotes met was January 2nd. The Wings won 4-1, with Howard in net, with goals from Darren Helm, Pavel Datsyuk, and a pair from Homer.
A refresher: Lang and Anders Erickson is in Phoenix. May and Cleary now Red Wings. BNN: Zbynek Michalek.
–Detroit lost to LA, 3-2, on Saturday
–Phoenix lost to Washington, 4-2, on Saturday
–Detroit Red Wings :: 25-18-8 (3rd in Central, 8th in West) :: 14-8-3 at home.
–Phoenix Coyotes :: 29-18-5 (2nd in Pacific, 5th in West) :: 10-10-3 on the road.
Shane Doan :: Matthew Lombardi :: Piper Perabo :: Peter Mueller :: Ed Jovanovski :: Ilya Bryzgalov
Zetterberg — Datsyuk — Cleary
Miller — Filppula — Bertuzzi
Draper — Helm — Eaves
May — Abdelkader — Maltby
Lidstrom — Rafalski
Kronwall — Stuart
Lebda — Ericsson
Howard (starting)
Ville “Oh, I’m the Asshole?” Leino
Derek “This is the Guy Behind the Guy Behind the Guy” Meech
Andreas “What — In Case Somebody Steps to You, Snoop Dogg?” Lilja
Johan “I’m Going to Make Wayne Gretzky’s Head Bleed for Superfan #99 Over Here” Franzen
Jason “I Drive a Cavalier. It’s Red.” Williams
Tomas “Okay, Fine, I’ll Ask: Where Do the High School Girls Hang Out Around Here?” Holmstrom
1. (Broken Record Alert) This is a big opportunity against a team above us in the standings to A) gain some ground in the playoff race and B) distance ourselves from other teams chasing the 8.
2. Jimmy Howard is back in net, after a few more days break than we’re used to. It’s the first half of a back-to-back, so one would assume (and they might be wrong) that Osgood is playing Wednesday. Big opportunity for a head-to-head comparison.
3. How does Niklas Kronwall look in his return? I’m sure he’ll have to shake off some rust, but he has to improve the blueline corps.
WHAT WE LEARNED vs. the Kings
So… there’s no security on the way to the rafters?
I’m tired of talking about Coyotes I “want.” None of them are that exciting. I’ll take a different route tonight and take a Phoenix I covet. I’m going with Famke Janssen as Jean Grey:

7 thoughts on “Jan 26 :: Mamase Mamasa Mamacusa”

  1. Hate to say it, but we are in immediate danger of slipping out of the 8th spot. We are only in 8th because we have one less game played than Calgary. If we lose in regulation, we will have the same number of games and points, with one less win, so hello 9th.

    Fortunately that's not going to happen!

  2. I'm fragile right now. Really needing a win. REALLY REALLY. Can't we just go back to waxing punks like this?

    Framke…Andy, any alternate pronunciations there we need to know about? Meech on the forward line…this is interesting…

    Swingers, btw…another candidate for "most re-watchable"

    "This party is dead anyway…"

  3. You're so money, and you don't even know it.

    Brian drives a red Cavalier. I'm just saying.

    Also, since I look like I'm still in high school, do you think Homer would notice me?

    All aforesaid statements/questions are in a vain attempt to detract from the pressure of this week. Not working, is it?

  4. As the namesake for the "person we covet", I would like to add my wholehearted approval of today's selection.

    I realized that I've made some sort of prediction in every game over the last stretch of horrible results. Well, I've learned my lesson and today I've decided to keep my big dumb mouth shut.

    (Zetterberg with a goal)

  5. @Andy — Right?! Brad May is so full of fail. I can't wait to see Shane Doan running all over the goddamn place tonight and Brad May picking his nose on the bench.

    @Jenn — Good call. I guess I meant it in the "we don't have to scoreboard watch" sense. But you're absolutely right. I just try not to think of such horrible things.

    @Rob — I'll have the pancakes in the age of enlightenment. I should have said Renaissance. Oh God, like a Vegas waitress is going to get an obscure philosophical reference.

    @Natalie — The backup quote was "IS HE BROWN?! I WANNA SEE HIM!"

    @JJ — I'm going to be honest for a second. I was MORE afraid of you not approving of my slight tangent using Famke Janssen than anything else. I'm so pleased to see your approval. (Zetterberg with two).

  6. @ Rob: well, She's not Scandinavian so I can't say. When it comes to Meech, then, well, he has played forward before and he seems to be best on the offensive side of the ice, so why not give him a shot.

    @Petrella: Oh..Yeah, that's gonna suck so bad.

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