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Sooo….what’d I miss?

Oh wait, no…

Gigantic high five to Rob for holding down the fort solo over the last week or so. It was one of the rare times I didn’t even have a minute or two to update things ’round these parts, and – per usual – he delivered the LOLZ to TPL.

Massive hat tip (sombrero tip?) to @Mariia19 for hooking me up with a way to watch the game on Thursday. The video was a bit shaky, but at least I got to check out the EIGHT ROUND SHOOTOUT. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I would like to echo Rob’s praise regarding Mike Babcock’s use of Ville Leino in that shootout. If he had scored, playing that hunch would have been universally hailed as brilliant. But instead, Leino muffed, ate some ice, cried a little, and returned to his lonely spot at the end of bench.

The Wings were in 7th place for about nine minutes before dropping into 8th — which is where they started Saturday.

I didn’t see a single second of the Kings game. By all accounts, that’s a good thing. The Wings blew a two goal lead, fell out of the playoffs, and some jagoff climbed the rafters at the Joe before getting spooked and not being able to climb down on his own. Like Hoarders, I don’t know if that’s sad or hilarrrrious. I’m going to go with hilarious (unlike Hoarders, which is sad).

The weather in Atlanta was horrific, tornado watches/warnings all day yesterday, and guess who had to fly back to New York? Flying into or out of New York is always a pain in the ass, but coupled with Atlanta’s day, it was the start of an epic Fail of ginormous proportions. Very long story short: I was delayed four hours,  and didn’t walk into my apartment until 4am.

BUT! All is not lost. I woke up to some awesome news. Per Khan, it looks like Niklas Kronwall is playing tomorrow and — even though Mickey Redmond was called a drunk liar over and over again — it looks like Andreas Lilja is on his way back very soon, too. The gist:

–Niklas Kronwall is back Tuesday.

–Tomas Holmstrom is slated for either Friday or Sunday.
–Jason Williams “could” play Friday. Like in all the injury reports since his injury, it’s almost a throwaway line.

–Andreas Lilja is on Day 13 being headache-free, so he could be cleared as early as tomorrow.
–Johan Franzen is seeing a doctor to see if he can return prior to the Olympics or — more likely — play with the Wings when the NHL resumes after the Games.

The salary cap won’t be affected until Franzen comes off IR. But, as they’re currently carrying 21 men, they only have two roster spots left. Kronwall would make 22, Homer and Williams would make 24. Justin Abdelkader is likely headed back to Grand Rapids, even though he’s clearly one of the top twelve forwards at this point. Gator can be sent down without being waived.

When Lilja returns, another player would have to go. I gotta believe Brad May will be waived with the intention of sending him to Grand Rapids. I’d laugh my ass off if anyone claimed him.

When Franzen returns, it’ll be interesting to see what happens (assuming another player hasn’t been injured in the interim). Derek Meech or Brett Lebda could be traded, as could Ville Leino (in theory). Drew Miller seems to have worked himself into the lineup, potentially earning himself a contract extension.

6 thoughts on “Sooo….what’d I miss?”

  1. Guilherme Calciolari

    Mike Babcock's use of Ville Leino in that shootout. If he had scored, playing that hunch would have been universally hailed as brilliant.

    No, it would still be a dumb move. A lucky dumb move, but a dumb move.

  2. People were pretty nice to you about that goal in the Kings game. (You know the one I mean.) There were a couple of comments on the Winging It live blog, but I didn't see the normal Twitter traffic. Not sure whether that was because Raffy initially was credited with the goal, or because everyone had the good sense, like you, not to be watching the game. I wasn't that smart!

    Brad May seems like the obvious choice to cut loose except for one thing – Babs likes having someone around to "keep the flies off." Of course we all know that May isn't actually doing that, but does Babs see it? And can we get someone else on the roster to fill that role (or at least pretend to, like we have now)? Gator presumably will be down in GR as well, Eaves did fight recently but has a concussion history…

  3. Jenn – You're forgetting that our noted bruiser Lilja is about to jump back into the lineup. I hear he's an excellent fighter. Should take care of things just fine on that end.

    On a related note…and a more serious one…because we're all about serious around here…I've seen the Rig throw 'em before and he does a pretty good job. He's not doing anything else to impress these days. Why not tag him as the enforcer?

  4. JE has said that he wants to get more physical this half of the season-here's the perfect opportunity for him.
    And I felt bad after the article today about Lilja possibly coming back. I was calling Mickey some nasty names after it seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about. Obviousy he knew something nobody else did.

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