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TOV: The One Where I Feel Like Doug Janik

The sixth episode of the Obstructed View is now available for download. Right after the Chicago game, I got a call-up, as it were, to fill in for Red Wings Guy Joe Burkel – who had to back out after his son’s hockey team advanced in a tournament. Burkel was to fill in for our very own Rob Discher, who had to take a raincheck as well.

Like always, it was a hell of a time. TOV finally gets ahold of everyone’s favorite Norwegian, Andy from Fight Night at the Joe, and he and I joined the very hilarious Jessie from Bingo Bango. Leading us every step of the way was producer Brian Kiernicki and Motown Wings’ Chris Hollis.

Click here to go to the TOV website and give it a listen!

6 thoughts on “TOV: The One Where I Feel Like Doug Janik”

  1. Guilherme Calciolari

    Good show. You, Petrella, is great. Andy know his stuff and speaks great English, with a cool accent. Jessie sounds good looking(?) and loves hockey, killer combo.

    But how come you make a TOV without Dick?

  2. @Herm: Thanks. If you read my comments on my blog about the first TOV Jessie did you will see that I agree with you on that note… and judging from her Twitter pic she is, but also married…

    We were mentioning we had to talk about Dick before the show, but it must have slipped our minds

  3. Totally great time, Andy. Truly a pleasure chatting with you, albeit briefly.

    Herm, I gotta agree. Jessie sounds beautiful, but she's got hockey knowledge and that's sexier than anything she could look like. HA!

    Like Andy said, we totally were sharing Dick jokes before we started taping… I guess it just didn't come up. Also, it would have felt WRONG doing it without Chief there. HA!

  4. Guilherme Calciolari

    Married? I thought she was "only" engaged.

    Even so, her fianceé/husband is the reason I didn't said she sounds hot. Oops.

  5. Absolutely. Now I just need to win the next draw and get Rob for my completion of the legendary TPL combo 😛

    I was actually gonna comment on something you said about Dick the last time and say his first name in Swedish…

    Herm: It seems like her twitter photo is a wedding photo

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