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The Obstructed View, Take Five

If you have half as much fun listening to the newest episode of The Obstructed View as I did recording it, you still might wet yourself. Listen to yours truly, Chief, Saler, Hollis, and Brian tackle such hard-hitting issues as Scandinavian furniture, safe lists, suicide by six-story fall, and – obviously – Dick.

Click here to head to the TOV website or click here to go directly to the audio.

Another job well done by superstar producer Brian Kiernicki and host extraordinaire Chris Hollis. I truly had a fantastic time and was in amazing company. A million thanks to all four gentlemen.

3 thoughts on “The Obstructed View, Take Five”

  1. And I'm excited to be on with him. I just hope Jessi didn't read the post I made after the last time she was one.. lol.. I think I said she sounded like either your cool older cousin or the girl you marry (or both if you're from Alabama). So that'd be weird…

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