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Jan 12 :: Wings to the Island to face The Others

Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman!


The Red Wings head to beautiful, not-at-all annoying Long Island to take on the Islanders. Tuesday, 7pm. For more information about Long Island, visit this website.
1. The Red Wings wrap up their road trip. I was hoping for 7 out of a possible 10 points. They’ve got six. Now I want 8. I’m selfish like that.
2. Jimmy Howard finally gets a break after starting eight games in a row. It feels like, after these Jimmah performances, that Chris Osgood is on parole. Allowing three goals to the Islanders would be akin to moonwalking into a bank, with a name tag on, punching the teller, falling to your knees to await the police, and forgetting the money. On your first day out of jail. That was written under the (false) assumption that Osgood would get a turn after eight Tiberius starts in a row. NO SIR! Jimmah is back in. Make it nine.
3. This could be (coooooulllld be) the final game without Jonathan Ericsson. The sound you just heard was the combined excitement of my mother and Mrs. Chief, both of whom are madly in love with the hardly mobile Swede.
4. IT’S WINGS WINGS TUESDAY! Every Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings, you can get discounted chicken wings — they go perfect with Red Wings hockey, and there’s one right by my apartment.*
*Note, this is a continuing effort to take advantage of my extremely meager following to score some free chicken. It means endless love and devotion to BW-3. Get readin’, BW-3.
The last time the Wings and Isles played was March 27, 2009. The Islanders were 2-0 winners (lolwut?) on their way to drafting John Tavares first overall. Osgood was in net, and the only player that was injured was Andreas Lilja.

There are no former Wings on Long Island. Last season, Mike Sillinger and Joey MacDonald were Islanders, but this season they’ve retired and committed career suicide, respectively.

Chris Osgood was an Islander for a season and a half the first time Detroit rid themselves of him. Todd Bertuzzi was an Isles first round draft pick in 1993. Wings assistant coach Brad McCrimmon was an assistant coach with the Islanders in the late 90’s.
Bruno Gervais.
–Detroit defeated the Sharks 4-1 on Saturday.
–New York beat Phoenix 5-4, also on Saturday.
–Detroit Red Wings :: 23-15-6 (3rd in Central, 9th in West) :: 10-8-4 on the road.
–New York Improvedlanders :: 19-19-8 (5th in Atlantic, 10th in East) :: 10-8-2 at home.
Kyle Okposo :: John Tavares :: Hurley Reyes :: Mark Streit :: Brendan Witt :: Dwayne Roloson

Zetterberg — Datsyuk — Bertuzzi
Miller — Filppula — Cleary
Draper — Helm — Eaves
Leino — Abdelkader — Maltby
Lidstrom — Rafalski
Stuart — Meech
Lebda — Janik
Howard (starts)

*Nicknames were a collaborative effort this time, once again featuring the humor of @jennyquarx and her brilliant beau.* 

Brad “I Was the Only Guy to Take My Skate Off and Try to Stab Someone With It” May


Andreas “I Hear That Asteroids Machine Calling Me From the Game Room” Lilja

Johan “Did That Go In? I Wasn’t Watching. Did it Go In?” Franzen
Jason “Talk About Your All-Time Backfires” Williams
Niklas “You’re Gonna Die, Clown!” Kronwall
Jonathan “Friends Listen to Endless Love in the Dark” Ericsson
Tomas “What? You No Want Breakfast?” Holmstrom
Honorable Mention

Ville “Is That Goal Regulation Size of What?!” Leino

1. Will Jimmah start to suffer from exhaustion with all these starts – or is he a potential workhorse?
2. The Red Wings seem to be playing better against the better teams, and the Islanders can’t really be considered a strong opponent. Will the Wings put forth a strong effort – like the Sharks game – or will they put up a terrible effort – like the Ducks game?
3. Have you heard? Darren Helm has five goals in five games. And many of the Eastern Conference teams are unaware of The Helm, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him light it up again.
4. This game is Zetterberg’s. Book it.
WHAT WE LEARNED vs. the Sharks
This team is capable of playing sixty full minutes.
I mean, the obvious answer is John Tavares, but since we don’t live in NHL2k9, and I’m forced to make a real selection, I’ll go with Matt Moulson because he comes with the best story you’ve never heard.

12 thoughts on “Jan 12 :: Wings to the Island to face The Others”

  1. Why do I feel dread? I shouldn't feel dread coming into a game against the Islanders.

    I'm calling Zetterberg for a goal.

  2. **NOTE**

    I have absolutely NO IDEA what's going on with the formatting on this post. With the random spaces and whatnot.

  3. The Islanders always worry me. I follow an Eastern Conference team (the Bruins, and I think I'm entitled to one, since they only play us once a year) and every time I see an Islanders game, they compete really hard. Even last year, when they were the worst in the NHL. So I hope we don't take them too lightly.

    And I hope you guys are right about Zetterberg! I can't trust my own opinion on how he will do – he's my "list guy"!

  4. Oh my god, once again, you make my day complete with your nicknames. My fave this time is Jonathan "Friends Listen to Endless Love in the Dark" Ericsson. Amazing.

    Also, sometimes Blogger does weird things to me with spaces, especially if I copy and paste something over from Word or add photos/videos. So weird. I think it's moody. Or, if I'm wearing my tin hat, I believe it's a vast conspiracy. Cue "Twilight Zone" music anytime now…

  5. @JJ — I, too, feel a tiny bit of dread. I don't like the sleeping giants. Not that Islanders are giants. But they're definitely sleeping. And the Wings don't play well against the upstarts.

    @Jenn — JJ and I (like how I took it upon myself to drag you into this, JJ?) are prepared to take responsibility if Z does not score IF! everyone gives us credit when he does. Fair trade, I feel.

    @Natalie — Jen and her hubby were integral in the nicknames again. It was more of a collaborative effort than last time, when it was all them. Also, Blogger is just about as volatile as any woman I've loved.

  6. just wanted to say, listened to your podcast episode of the Obstructed View this morning with Bill and Matt. really enjoyed your insight/comments/humor/etc. didn't know about Production Line before, will definitely check it out.


    PS i went to elementary school with a Mike Petrella in Farmington Hills…you're not the same one, are you?

  7. Alex, I definitely went to elementary school in Farmington Hills. Forest?

    Don't tell me Alex Robins… I've been looking for you on Facebook for YEARS.

  8. I'm completely ok with taking my fair share of the blame/credit when Zetterberg doesn't/does score.

  9. Boom, there you have it, friends of TPL. JJ and I take full responsibility/credit.

    Which means, another three goal performance, you send us all your curly fries.

  10. holy shit…dude, what is up? i think i remember going lazer tagging for your 7th or 8th birthday…correct?

    wow…thank you internet and the Red Wings

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose mom comments on their blog. Now if I could just get mine to send me awesome things like Nick Lidstrom autographs and what not…

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