Meeting Nick UPDATE

You’ll never believe what just happened.

My fiancee picks me up from the train station, tells me that I have to call my mom on Skype as soon as we get home. For some reason I ask “why – did she get a tattoo?” I’m not sure where that came from, but it seems downright logical compared to what actually happened.

When we finally get Skype working, Andrea hands me a UPS box. She’s not good at keeping secrets usually, but this one: I had no idea.

I open it up… it’s a 17×11 glossy copy of my Making Friends with Nick post from December SIGNED BY NICKLAS LIDSTROM.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff signed by Red Wings, but this…this is amazing.

Evidently my mom, with help from Ryan – a friend in the ticket department and TPL reader (Hi, Ryan!) – made the print and presented it to Nick in the locker room at the December 26th game I attended. Evidently, he signed sometime during the game or immediately after it.

I’ve been informed that he read the story, and that the creases in the print come from it being passed around the room because the other guys wanted to read it, too (and by read it, I assume she meant “laugh at Nick’s hair”). I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that actual Red Wings have read at least one of my posts (and if they’re continuing to check in, it’s probably best you stop right here, Todd).

I can’t even begin to tell you how floored I am. Anyone who reads TPL knows that my mom is an incredible hockey fan, and a million thanks to her. And to Ryan, without his help – I wouldn’t have such an amazing keepsake and story to tell.

Don’t know what else to say. I’m still shaking.