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Meeting Nick UPDATE

You’ll never believe what just happened.

My fiancee picks me up from the train station, tells me that I have to call my mom on Skype as soon as we get home. For some reason I ask “why – did she get a tattoo?” I’m not sure where that came from, but it seems downright logical compared to what actually happened.

When we finally get Skype working, Andrea hands me a UPS box. She’s not good at keeping secrets usually, but this one: I had no idea.

I open it up… it’s a 17×11 glossy copy of my Making Friends with Nick post from December SIGNED BY NICKLAS LIDSTROM.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff signed by Red Wings, but this…this is amazing.

Evidently my mom, with help from Ryan – a friend in the ticket department and TPL reader (Hi, Ryan!) – made the print and presented it to Nick in the locker room at the December 26th game I attended. Evidently, he signed sometime during the game or immediately after it.

I’ve been informed that he read the story, and that the creases in the print come from it being passed around the room because the other guys wanted to read it, too (and by read it, I assume she meant “laugh at Nick’s hair”). I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that actual Red Wings have read at least one of my posts (and if they’re continuing to check in, it’s probably best you stop right here, Todd).

I can’t even begin to tell you how floored I am. Anyone who reads TPL knows that my mom is an incredible hockey fan, and a million thanks to her. And to Ryan, without his help – I wouldn’t have such an amazing keepsake and story to tell.

Don’t know what else to say. I’m still shaking.

18 thoughts on “Meeting Nick UPDATE”

  1. Very cool. I think I would be speechless if a Red Wing had read my writing! I work as an usher at the Joe and I am always there so I am kind of spoiled but I think I would be shell shocked too. Glad Nick signed your work. You must feel honored.

  2. Jenny, you're right. My mom does rule. And Ryan is a hell of a kid. I'm looking forward to seeing him again in March.

    Jamie, I'm as close as I'll ever be to speechless. I don't get to the Joe as much as I did growing up, being that I live so far away now, but it's definitely a homecoming every time I walk through those doors (or up those damn stairs). Nevertheless, I'm shocked that he cared enough to read it, and anyone cared enough to have it signed.

  3. This is the best story I have ever read. Your mom, your fiancee, and Ryan are the most awesome people ever. This is something amazing you will have for the rest of your life!

  4. This is ridiculously awesome, and your mother is also clearly ridiculously awesome.

    I hope Todd saw the "Bertuzzi fans from the very start" subtitle of TPL.

  5. Jenn, it really is. I have to get it framed immediately and then hung in my Signed Red Wings Stuff Hallway. Yeah, I said it – Hallway. HA

    Jeff, don't encourage Todd. I'm fairly certain he's already looking for me when I'm at the Joe. Unless you want to lose a cousin… let's pretend I've loved him from the start (HI TODD!)

    Natalie, they're all amazing. I've only met Ryan once, and hope to say hello at the H2H game. If y'all are well-behaved, perhaps I'll introduce you. HA!

    Ellen, all true. We're planning to have my ma write a TPL post. It's sure to be hilarious.

    Also, the subtitle used to change EVERY DAY, but I felt like this one was appropriate and has lasted quite a while now.

  6. Best. Thing. Ever. Just reading that made me want to go out and hug the first person I saw. Luckily, the people in my neighborhood know to hide when they see me emerge from the house.

  7. This is why the Wings are the best organization in all of sports. You think Scott Niedermayer is doing this in Anaheim?


  8. I'd just like to echo everybody else in saying how awesome this is. I'm insanely jealous you've met Nick Lidstrom, let alone have gotten your work signed by him. Congrats, man.

  9. Christine, I literally laughed when I read that comment. Here's hoping you found someone to hug.

    Andy, get your fluids man. I need you healthy and commenting. If you're not feeling your best, the number of hockey conversations I have drops like 40%.

    Kyle, well said, man. I gotta doubt that Niedermayer is too busy tossing sticks into the stands and watching brawls break out for something this awesome.

    JJ, thanks dude. I'm insanely jealous of 8-year-old me because I didn't think to ask things like "so, can I have your fourth Norris Trophy or what?"

  10. Hehe, I don't have a fever anymore, still a headache, but I'm gonna get better. And since I slept half the day, I'm probably gonna have no trouble staying up for the game.

    And when I saw Kyle's comment I actually considered posting a link to the video of the incident you mentioned…

  11. Holy crap. That's amazing. I'm going to go call my mom now and complain that she's never done anything like that for me. Seriously though, that's ridiculously cool.

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