It’s Official: Todd reads TPL

Here I am, thoroughly convinced this smartass photo wouldn’t come back to totally bite me on the ass two hours later. 

What are you, kidding me?

I’m on the road, heading back east Sunday morning, but the Twitterverse would never let me hear the end of it if I didn’t mention Todd Bertuzzi’s two-goal performance, obviously trying to impress me. I was behind Howard for the first and third, so that first Red Wings goal, I got the feeling that Todd was actually looking for me in the crowd. He did a little “FUCK YOU PETRELLA!” dance directly AT the crowd, though he missed by a few sections.

No less than 39 tweets were directed my way after the first Bertuzzi goal, and through the second one.

Andy from Fight Night at the Joe and I have a little wager going. I was willing to bet anyone who would have it that Todd Bertuzzi wouldn’t score 20 goals this season. He agreed to record an acoustic version of The Todd Bertuzzi song if he didn’t hit 20, and I hadn’t come up with any good terms if he didn’t, although the picture above might be a good banner for the rest of the season… as suggested by @jennyquarx. If Andy agrees to the terms, perhaps that’s my wager. He offered to lift the goals to 25, but I’ll stick by my original statement. I’m still taking bets, by the way, if anyone has anything — though it might not be for the twenty goals that originally seemed so out of reach, it may as well have been in Antarctica.

Some of my favorite tweets, received in Section 102 / Row 8:
@mserven :: Did Todd just skate into the corner and wave at @mpetrella after burying that goal?
@inhyung :: Ohhh nice goal by Bert. @mpetrella
@SnipeDangle :: That was for you, @mpetrella. Love, Todd. PS. Call me.
@FightNightatJoe :: @mpetrella Dude hahahahhahaa
@jennyquarx :: I was seriously just going to tweet this. RT @SnipeDangle That was for you, @mpetrella. Love, Todd. PS. Call me.
@BingoBangodrw :: todd scored that 4 u he knew u were in attendance
@jennbikegirl :: @mpetrella Hey look, #44 took a penalty (Don’t just want you getting harassed all night.)
@mserven :: Bertuzzi is going for the @mpetrella Hatrick. A goal, a penalty & a wink.
@GordieHoweHT :: Someone buy @mpetrella season tickets ASAP, Bertuzzi will pull a Heatley and score 70.
@mserven :: If Bert scores a 3rd, I think @mpetrella and Todd should go to Arby’s together through the drive-thru in a rickshaw.

1. Well, they didn’t kick ass, but they got the win, so that’s what counts.
2. I thought Flip looked awesome. Correct me if I’m wrong, because sometimes seeing things from a different angle helps, but he didn’t seem rusty at all.
3. Nick Lidstrom looked to be forcing shots and trying extra hard to put pucks on net. He still didn’t get one, but he’s getting close.
4. Todd Bertuzzi didn’t score nine times, but he definitely did whatever he could to make me look like an asshole. Color me assholed.
5. The Wings didn’t score until the second period, so much for my prediction of an opening minutes goal.

What’s next?
Re-match with the BJs, this time in beautiful, sunny Ohio. On Monday.