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My Ugly Sweater Submission

Yes, that’s me. Circa 1989 with Stevie Y and — in retrospect — that is an ugly sweater.

18 thoughts on “My Ugly Sweater Submission”

  1. Not as ugly as Stevie's tie. Awesome pic though. He has a pen in his hand. Did he sign the back of your sweater?

  2. @Ma — Unless there's another 8-year-old I don't know about, might be time to get rid of that sweater. I've grown, albeit only slightly.

    @Gander — Thanks, it was all downhill from there.

    @mserven — Ya know what… I went to that event two years in a row, and the second year I wore a jersey that they all signed, which is now framed in my apartment. IF Yzerman signed my sweater, my mother should ignore above note and totally hang on to the ugly sweater.

  3. Yes, it is cherished. Particularly since those were the years that Steve Chiasson was on the team. And, obviously, the opportunity to get that signature has passed.

    There's a nifty little section in between the shoulder blades where three names converge: Ted Lindsay, Nick Lidstrom, and PAUL YSEBAERT. Way to go, Paul, ruining Hall of Fame Clavicle.

  4. Ok this is definitely a contender for the ugliest sweater. And I agree with Jenny– this is the best picture of the day.

  5. @jenny — Ha! If everyone wants to see more from those events, I'll have my mom dig 'em up.

    @merven — Yeah, it's all in good fun. Ysebaert was literally one of the nicest guys I met (so were Lidstrom and Lindsay, though). Yves Racine and Kevin Miller, too.

    @trisha/lindsay — gracias! I'm saving the Nick Lidstrom picture for a fun future post, too.

  6. LOOOL @ Chief!

    Michael: You're my hero. I might have been coached by Scotty, but meeting Stevie eclipses everything!

  7. @Chief — make sure you're wearing the pimpiest pinky ring/fedora combination you can find. Also, be 17 and in your mom's basement. Whatever ya got, I can't wait to see it. If it's anything like ScrappyOctopus's Wild Press Pass, you've got gold.

    @JJ — you may be on to something. Tonight, my fiancee judged how ugly the sweaters in the stands were on a Cosby Scale. That's a pretty universally known code for "GOTDAYUMN THATS AN UGLY SWEATER." Skip bop boopity doowahahahah.

    @Andy — I've been very fortunate, and have been lucky enough to meet a ton of Red Wings in my day, thanks mostly to my folks being big fans and the accessibility the team had when they were downright shitty in the 80s/early 90s. I can't wait to share my Nick Lidstrom story from when he was a rookie. I'll save it for another night.

  8. I can't wait for the Lidstrom story, either. I'm usually pretty well-balanced around people who count as famous, but Nick is my favorite player and I'd probably turn immediately into a babbling idiot if I met him in person.

  9. Yeah, I see what you mean, I'd be the same around Yzerman. Nick I could have handled though, especially since I could just speak scandinavian with him

  10. Single-handedly the greatest blog post in the history of blog posts. Period. The rest of us should just hang it up.

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