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The Obstructed View Podcast

Oh my God, is that what I sound like?

Kris from Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle, Casey from Winging it in Motown, Chris Hollis from Motown Wings, producer extraordinaire Brian Kiernicki, and yours truly took part in the inaugural Red Wings podcast, titled The Obstructed View. You can hear the first episode via the following methods:

Direct Download

Visit the Obstructed View website

Subscribing to the iTunes channel

Check back every week for a new episode, with your favorite Red Wing bloggers. And if you aren’t already, follow The Obstructed View on Twitter right now to keep up on the latest podcast news.

It was a ton of fun – many thanks to Chris Hollis and Brian Kiernicki for including me, and to Casey and Kris for putting up with my various nonsense in vocal form. Frankly, I can’t wait for it to be my turn again. Maybe by then, Todd Bertuzzi will have fallen off the map again and we can talk about that.

5 thoughts on “The Obstructed View Podcast”

  1. hell of a fun time. Even if i got cut out by my internet for a good portion. In hindsight, i made some damn stupid comments haha. Like Z in the doghouse?!? I'm surprised you didn't come through my computer and choke me.

  2. Z isn't a BAD choice. He's delivering points, but if we based who's in the doghouse based on how far wide their shots go, the answer is Z by a mile.

    And it really was fun, wasn't it? I can't wait til its my turn again.

  3. I relistened to it, and there is one place where you say "with you f.., with you amazing fellas" or something like that. My question is, where you on your way to another word than fellas there?

  4. Honestly, I don't know which moment you're referring to, but it's entirely possible I almost swore and stopped myself to make it a little more family-friendly. So, yeah, probably exactly what you're thinking.

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