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Oh, Darren!


Per the Detroit News, Darren Helm is out with a wrist injury and has no immediate timetable for return, though it doesn’t SOUND to be too serious.

In his place, Kris Newbury was called up from Grand Rapids and WILL be in the lineup tonight against the Coyotes.

Shout out to On the Wings, who was the first to break it via Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Darren!”

  1. at the same time, Filps has been out for a long time with a wrist thing. I need to make amends for all the goalies I've hacked on during my career I guess. Maybe I should pray too?

  2. If you're a praying man, go for it. In the meantime, IMMEDIATELY go over to Snipe Dangle and confess your sins!

  3. Indeed you did, but I think we all have more sins to confess deep down… I'll put my thinking cap on and I'm sure I can come up with something else from my illustrious hockey career.

  4. You know, it's really hard to get through the five stages of grief when every time you start to get through bargaining, you're forced back into denial by another injury.

  5. JJ, it helps to break it into chart form. Here is where I stand on all of the injuries:

    Lilja — (5) Acceptance
    Franzen — (4) Depression
    Filppula — (3) Bargaining
    Williams — (5) Acceptance
    Kronwall — (2) Anger
    Cleary — (1) Denial
    Helm — (6) PETRELLA SMASH!

  6. Hahaha. Well Michael, we might no more share the Bertuzzi hate, but at least we're probably still the two guys with the biggest man-crushes on Helm…

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