Wings get a point in Jersey

This is how I do it, right? Legs wide open…?

An abbreviated post-game, as I’m late to the party, having just got back into town and watched the game courtesy of DVR.

Once again, the Wings went to overtime, eventually losing 4-3 in the shootout. Detroit got goals from Kris Draper, Patrick Eaves and Career #200 from Tomas Holmstrom. The only shooter in the skills competition to score for the Red Wings was their first, Pavel Datsyuk.

All in all, a pretty good game. Lots of energy – both teams generating chances. Patrick Eaves was your player of the game – scoring a goal, adding an assist, coming back into the game after smashing his face against the boards. He wants to stay in the lineup, and I don’t see any reason he shouldn’t be staying, especially when guys like Ville Leino are producing criminally less than he is.

1. The game started strong: lots of chances, good skating, hard work from all four lines. It was the best the Red Wings have looked in a while. Very few SHOTS on Brodeur, many coming from the perimeter anyway, but nearly the entire first period went by with no score.
2. Fantastic save by Osgood on the first penalty kill. There was 24 square feet to shoot at, but Ozzie filled the space pretty quickly.
3. Glad to see Ericsson skating okay. It looked pretty bad when he went off vs. Edmonton, but his knee doesn’t look any worse for wear, and he played well.
4. At least a commercial break separated the Devils first period goals. Could have been worse, ya know, by being 2-0 after 57 seconds like usual. The Oduya goal (the Devils second) was WHACK. More on that later.
5. I’ll say what’s already been said a handful of times: what the hell is Ville Leino doing in the shootout? Dan Cleary, the third shooter recently, was passed over for Todd Bertuzzi — okay, since Bertuzzi scored on his last try. But, when Bertuzzi missed, you’d think Babcock would go back to Cleary, or maybe Patrick “Hot Hands, Goal and Assist” Eaves. Bertuzzi’s attempt was good, so that’s forgiven, but Leino as the fourth shooter is not.
6. I love the first Red Wings goal. Mucking the whole way up ice. Patrick Eaves somehow comes up with the puck along the boards, Darren Helm does what Darren Helm DOES and inch it forward, somehow generates a shot, and Draper picks up the rebound. Thing of beauty. That line is the best the Red Wings have this season.
7. Homer’s 200th was quintessential, wasn’t it? The puck traveled no more than 30 inches from his stick for the goal. Like at LEAST 198 of his prior goals.

1. Prudential Center: it’s still there.
2. I got the local NY-feed. The 1995 Stanley Cup was brought up no less than 750 times. Unsure if they’re aware the Cup score is 4-2 since then…
3. Bertuzzi does nothing except go -2 and miss his shootout attempt. It’s back on.
4. Osgood: bad. The first goal is forgivable, although he was diving every which way (except toward the shooter): it was a nice play and a deserved goal. The second goal was terrible. I’m beginning to wonder what the Red Wings’ record would be if they got one less weak goal-against per game. Maybe it’d be the same, but I’m willing to bet there’d be at least another win in there somewhere.
5. I went 0 for 3 on goal scorers. Leino hasn’t scored since 1973, Cleary’s streak was broken, and Datsyuk got one — but in the shootout.

What’s next?
Rangers. Sunday.

Photo Credit: Bill Kostroun, AP