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Take that, Ville!

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The TPL Post-Game report is on its way, but I thought that his dandy little quote from Uncle Mike couldn’t wait. As everyone knows by know, Ville was the healthy scratch for the New York Rangers game — a game in which the Red Wings won 3-1. Said Uncle Mike to Ansar Khan:

I don’t know if it’s a message. The bottom line is we went through it today, talked about [it]. It’s about trying to win, so we dressed the best guys.

OWNED! In a strange coincidence (or is it), the last time Ville Leino was a healthy scratch was Halloween, a game against the Calgary Flames that the Wings also won 3-1. Current General Manager of the Leino Lounge said the following – presumably in broken Finnglish:

It’s never fun to be off the ice, especially now. Obviously, you want to be a part of the group. But something had to be done and I guess it was my turn to be out.

Mike Babcock is notoriously stubborn about changing lines, but one can’t help but wonder if — since this lineup worked — Leino stays out of the lineup for longer than one game. If that’s the case, how long do you think it’ll be until the “I’m going back home” threats come?

6 thoughts on “Take that, Ville!”

  1. I really want Leino to succeed for obvious reasons. I just hope he can hold out until Filppula comes back. I know Ville is a year older than Flip, but it seems that his mental game is a step or two behind our fabulously coiffed Finlandian. They had great chemistry to start the season and I think Flip can really get Leino going.

  2. I hope Filps can help him get going too, but right now he plays like a piece of..well.. dog dung, so he should be where he was this night, out of the lineup

  3. You're both right – Leino seemed to jive pretty well with his countryman. But, there are going to be times he doesn't play with Flip and I would expect him not to suck donkey nards. That said, it might just be a confidence issue at this point. Two points in 20 games is whack.

    Andy, I agree he should be sitting again on Wednesday. The lineup worked on Sunday, and until he forces his way back into the lineup, maybe he has a press box seat. I feel like that would be a better motivator than rotating through the healthy scratches. The only message that sends is "we're in kindergarten, and it's your turn, duck duck goose."

  4. I agree Michael. If a guy is bad he should sit. Right now it often feels kindergarden-ish as you say. I think especially Maltby sat way too much early on when he was actually playing really well

  5. Yup. Maltby was – for a short time – the leading offense provider. Granted, he shouldn't have been, but a lot of the guys are getting free passes when even a fourth line guy like Kirk Maltby is scoring more than they are.

    Leino can't coast by with his Finnish MVP trophy.

  6. Yes, and he actually started the season really well. Now his slowed down a bit and I can't help but wonder if him being scratched so much has anything to do with that.

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