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Recap/Pre-Game Hybrid

Last night, the Red Wings were shutout. For the second game in a row. At home. For the first time since 1977. You already know all that, so I’ll move on…

TPL’S TAKE vs. Flames:
1. The Red Wings don’t need help NOT scoring goals. For the second time in nine nights an obvious goal was scored, yet was not counted. This time, Dan Cleary’s heel was in the crease. Please recall that the “foot in the crease” rule was repealed after the 1999 Stanley Cup Final, thanks to Brett Hull and the Dallas Stars Cup-winner. The explanation — no shit — was “the goalie couldn’t do his job.” Kiprusoff seemed to see the puck, because he reacted to the shot, missed it, and seemed upset only with himself that he had allowed a goal. I didn’t see any contact, even incidental contact, but maybe I’m missing something. The second apparent Red Wings goal was also disallowed, as the referees lost sight of the puck during a scrum. Kiprusoff seemed to put his glove over the puck for a tad, but it popped loose. Maybe it’s because the first one was retarded, but the second no-goal was a little easier to swallow. The fact is, two goals pulled back last night — and 7+ periods of hockey without a goal (that counted). I’m wondering if the Red Wings will ever score again.
2. Same old story: Red Wings outshot the hell out of the Flames, various failed power plays, ten million shots that were blocked, etc etc etc…
3. Darren Helm once again generated a breakaway out of nothing. One of these days he’ll convert, and he’ll be the most popular Red Wing, beloved by all.
4. Make sure you read Rob’s post from last night. If you ask me, I think he nailed it.

And now, an abbreviated Pre-Game:

NOW WHERE WE vs. Blues:
The Wings and Blues met to “open” the season in Sweden. Detroit lost both of those games. It was the most obvious foreshadowing of all time.

Detroit improved a bit, but is slumping hard these days. Conversely, St. Louis struggled mightily once they returned to North America, but they’ve won two straight.

The savior of the 2008-09 Detroit Red Wings, Ty Conklin, plays for the Blues. No word on whether or not he starts tonight or if it’ll be Chris Mason.

The lone former Blue on the Detroit Red Wings is Chris Osgood. The Islanders traded Ozzie (and a third round pick, Konstantin Barulin) to St. Louis for Justin Papineau and a second round pick (Jeremy Colliton)

Roman Polak. He is, by himself, an oxymoron.

–Detroit lost 3-0 last night to the Calgary Flames.
–St. Louis defeated “the hottest team in the league right now” by a score of 3-1 in Nashville.

–Detroit Red Wings :: 11-9-4 (4th in Central, 11th in West) :: 4-5-2 on road.
–St. Louis Blues :: 10-9-4 (5th in Central, 12th in West) :: 5-8-1 at home.

The second of back-to-back nights, so we’ll definitely see Howard in net.

TOWNDNBS — Datsyuk — Holmstrom
Cleary — Zetterberg — Leino
Draper — Helm — Eaves
May — Abdelkader — Miller

Lidstrom — Rafalski
Stuart — Ericsson
Lebda — Meech

Howard (starts)

Kirk “17GP” Maltby
Andreas “0GP” Lilja
Johan “3GP” Franzen
Valtteri “11GP” Filppula
Jason “15GP” Williams
Niklas “21GP” Kronwall

TJ Oshie. Why not?

4 thoughts on “Recap/Pre-Game Hybrid”

  1. Um, is Helmer not already the most beloved Wing? He sure as hell looks like the only one with any hustle. And as I've said before, he's rapidly becoming the only thing standing between me and a dramatic suicide attempt.

  2. In my eyes, he's the most beloved. I adore Helm, but I guess I meant "to the masses," a la Shanny and Fedorov.

    He'll start to be feared around the league, mostly for his speed, but also his phenomenal two-way prowess. That would be lovely…

  3. Holy crap. During the first period, I just looked at Brian, who was laughing at Roman Polak's name, and said, "Yeah, great oxymoron, right?" Wavelength, anyone?

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