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Ken Holland Oozes Confidence (But Not Really)

Trying to shake the tummy ache of Hudler-induced diarrhea.

Ken Holland must have been paying attention to the roundtable discussion, because he chimed in with his thoughts about fatigue setting in as the season wore on last season — and how he thinks they’ll hold up this season. Chris McCosky of the Detroit News has an article discussing many views, but one bit in particular made me cringe:

“I guess I look at this year a little bit like Joe Dumars did with the Pistons,” Holland said. “At some point in time you’ve got to make some moves that you believe might take you one step backward so that when you wake up in a year or two you are two steps forward.”

Ouch! Raise your hand, Todd Bertuzzi and Jason Williams, if you feel like you just got kicked in the nuts.

Panic was quelled with a simple fix:

[We] are going to do everything we can to be Cup contenders in 2009-10. The whole idea is to be a Cup contender in 2009-10 and to be a Cup Contender in 2012-13.