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By the Numbers :: 11 – 20

In a continuation of yesterday’s inaugural By the Numbers segment, here are the teens!


First Wearer :: Hobie Kitchen, 1926
Current Wearer :: Dan Cleary
Other Notables :: Marty Pavelich, Vic Stasiuk, Pete Mahovlich, Walt McKechnie, Rick Bowness, Shawn Burr, Mathieu Dandenault
The story of #11 :: Was also worn by yours truly, in college.
Retired in 1992 :: Sid Abel
First Wearer :: Fred Gordon, 1926
Last Wearer :: Mike Sillinger, 1992
Other Notables :: Larry Aurie (briefly), Red Green (really?), Metro Prystai (again), Bruce MacGregor, Marcel Dionne, Bryan Hextall, Adam Graves, Sheldon Kennedy, Jimmy Carson
The story of #12 :: As mentioned in yesterday’s comments section – Jimmy Carson becomes the only Red Wing to wear two different eventually-retired numbers.
First Wearer :: Gizzy Hart, 1926
Current Wearer :: Pavel Datsyuk
Other Notables :: Vyacheslav Kozlov
The story of #13 :: That’s it. Only three wearers of 13 ever. And there was 65 years in between the first and Slava Kozlov.
First Wearer :: Herb Stuart, 1926
Current Wearer :: Derek Meech
Other Notables :: Bud Bruneteau, Ted Lindsay (for three years), Bep Guidolin, Glen Skov, Nick Libbett, Lane Lambert, Brent Ashton, Randy McKay, Brent Fedyk, Brendan Shanahan
The story of #14 :: If Shanny had retired instead of moving on to the Rangers, Meech wouldn’t have been allowed to switch from #36 to this storied sweater.
First Wearer :: Jack Arbour, 1926
Most Recent Wearer :: Josh Langfeld, 2007
Other Notables :: Reg Noble, Bill Quackenbush, Marty Pavelich, Alex Delvecchio (for FOUR years), Billy Dea, Robbie Ftorek, Paul “Radio Play-by-Play” Woods, Mel Bridgman, Paul MacLean, Sheldon Kennedy, Mike Ramsey, Tomas Holmstrom (‘memba that?), Todd Gill, Dmitri Mironov, Pat Verbeek, Jason Woolley
The story of #15 :: Been passed around more than Elisha Cuthbert. Too soon?
First Wearer :: Leroy Goldsworthy, 1930
Most Recent Wearer :: Vladimir Konstantinov, 1997
Other Notables :: Carl Voss, Bill Jennings, Bill Quackenbush (homeboy’s all over this list), Johnny Wilson, Norm Ullman, Michel Bergeron, Kelly Kisio, John Chabot
The story of #16 :: Unlike Fischer’s #2, which has been re-distributed at camps, no one has put on a #16 Red Wings sweater since Vladdy, and its a safe bet it’ll be a while before someone does.
First Wearer :: Frank Frederickson, 1930
Most Recent Wearer :: Dallas Drake, 2008
Other Notables :: Gordie Howe (as a teenager), Tim Ecclestone, Mike Foligno, Ed Johnstone, Gerard Gallant, Doug Brown, Brett Hull, Kyle Calder, Brad Norton
The story of #17 :: This is the highest number to be worn during the Falcons/Cougars days.
First Wearer :: Bob Davis, 1932
Current Wearer :: Kirk Maltby
Other Notables :: Jim Conacher, Marcel Pronovost, Al Arbour, Gary Bergman, Danny Gare, Kris King, Mike Krushelnyski
The story of #18 :: Worn by the captain before The Captain.
Retired in 2007 :: Steve Yzerman
First Wearer :: Sid Abel, 1938 (how bout them apples?)
Other Notables :: Marty Pavelich (what’s with all these guys switching numbers?), Vic Stasiuk, Murray Costello, Pete Stemkowski, Randy Ladouceur
The story of #19 :: It’s only right that the banner has a “C” on it.
First Wearer :: Red Keating, 1938
Most Recent Wearer :: Aaron Downey, 2008
Other Notables :: Red Kelly, Johnny Bucyk, Len Lunde, Lowell MacDonald, Dean Prentice, Mickey Redmond, Vaclav Nedomansky, Martin Lapointe, Luc Robitaille, Robert Lang
The story of #20 :: BINGO BANGO! The first jersey to score 50-goals for the Red Wings.

5 thoughts on “By the Numbers :: 11 – 20”

  1. This is such entertaining stuff, nice work! I remember being a kid and for some reason I got the Wings media guide a few years in a row. I was always interested in stuff like this and I would go through the numbers and pick the best player to wear every number for the Wings. Of course I was like eight or nine, so I'm sure that best player happened to be the one that was wearing it currently.

  2. You mentioned yesterday that you didn't want to get into the #6 debate. Is their a specific reason? Is it simply because it doesn't mesh with the fun nature of the topic? Or will a future post explain TPL's stance on the subject?

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Kyle – I did the same thing. It was my favorite part of the media guide as a little guy. I don't know why I was drawn to numbers – perhaps it was the only tangible thing I could grasp at six/seven/eight, but it'll always be fun to look back and see the names who wore 19 before Yzerman or 5 before Lidstrom.

    Zach – Thanks for coming back and for the compliments!

    There are a handful of reasons why I'd prefer not to get into the Aurie conversation, but you touched on one for sure: this feature is definitely lighthearted, and the "one-liner" I give for each number doesn't do appropriate justice for a conversation like that.

    Additionally, the Larry Aurie debate is a particularly polarizing one among Wings fans, for whatever reason, and – while I CERTAINLY don't shy away from controversy or friendly jabbing – I'm not so sure I want to alienate a whole group or Wings fans. Likewise, I would prefer not to provide a platform for one side or the other.

    I think the biggest reason you'll see me shy away from such conversations is because it's a dead horse that's been beaten beyond recognition. I suggest LetsGoWings for a heated debate and educated (and sometimes not) chatter among friends. And if the situation comes to light and becomes newsworthy or timely again, Rob and I will LOVE to have it on The Production Line. But in the meantime, it's just one of those things like Republicans vs. Democrats that you try your best to stay away from until your crazy Aunt leaves.

    I don't have an ideological reason for shying away from it – I certainly have my opinion and am very capable of expressing it. But, once something has been said a thousand times, saying it again is sad and painful.

    But like I said — if it becomes a current event again somehow — I'm going to be all over it. Count on it.

  4. Thanks for the clarification Michael.

    I read the article Kyle, more confused now then ever, nice read, but doesn't clear up (unless I missed something) why the Ilitch's are so set against just putting his numbers up in the rafters.

    Last you'll hear of this on the numbers series, I promise. 🙂

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