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All aboard the Abdelkader Express!

Wonderful quotes from hometown hero-to-be Justin Abdelkader.

From Troy Roel, of the Muskegon Chronicle:

I’m excited about going into camp with an opportunity to make the team. I had a good experience there last year and I think they know what I can do. Only they know where I fit into their plans for the future, so I’m just trying to get stronger and bigger and faster…Trying to keep improving. I trust what they do with the players there. When they think I’m ready, I’ll be up. And if it’s right away or halfway through the season, it’s great. They know what they’re doing and I trust their decision.

Talk about saying the right things, eh? If you’re asking my opinion, he’s definitely one of the 12 best forwards in the organization now that Hossa is a Blackhawk, and Hudler might be headed to Russia. But, the team’s stance has always been that young players are better served playing big time minutes in Grand Rapids than five, six, or seven in Detroit, and potentially being in the press box.

Justin Abdelkader is 22-years-old, and it’s nice to know he’s ready when Holland, Babcock and Co are…