Red Wings draft pick Max Nicastro arrested

Nicastro at his arraignment. Photo by Mark Garfinkel.

Who’s ready for some bad news?

Detroit Red Wings draft pick and current Boston University Terrier defenseman Max Nicastro has been arrested in Beantown for allegedly raping a woman in a dormitory on campus. He is being held in Brighton while awaiting arraignment (scheduled for tomorrow). Nicastro is the second BU hockey player to get into trouble this year: Corey Trivino was thrown off of the squad in December for breaking into a woman’s home.

For his part, Nicastro has been suspended by the hockey team until it can conduct a full investigation. He is currently a juinor, and was a third round draft pick of the Wings in 2008. He’s 6-3, 200 pounds, and didn’t need to be signed until August of 2013 — provided that he stayed in school and continued playing for the Terriers hockey club. His suspension and potential dismissal will obviously throw a wrench in any future plans he had with the Red Wings and free society. Also keeping him off of the MENSA list is the fact that his Facebook page is unlocked, and something tells me the prosecution will enjoy the fodder (two notes: the link no longer appears to work, which can only help his chances, trust me; and the young lady in the photo we posted at the top of the page earlier has asked that it be removed. Of course, we don’t want to disrespect her – the story isn’t about her so we honored that request).

We’ll keep you posted with developments, but something tells me that Max Nicastro may have his name scratched off of the prospects list pretty soon here…