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TP:60 — Episode 23

Don’t forget, you can keep up-to-date on all of the latest TP:60 happenings – including previews for upcoming shows – at the TP:60 Home Page. Miss an episode? Just want more TP:60 awesomeness? The TP:60 Archive has you covered.

After an involuntary hiatus (THANKS, GO DADDY!), we’re back with an abridged version of TP:60. Joining Disch and Petrella this week is Pro Hockey Talk on NBC‘s Joe Yerdon (@JoeYerdonPHT), who was live — in the flesh — in Montreal for the complete disaster of a game last week.

  • New Logo: Kick-ass serving from our lovely Stevie.
    All-Star Festivities: Whose shootout goal was better — Kane or Perry — and can we all agree that they’re both douches?
  • Columbus? The Blue Jackets will host next year’s game…will that save hockey in Ohio? Hint: no.
  • Trade Deadline Approacheth. Will the Wings make a move? Who might be on their radar? Who can they get rid of for a return?
  • Lundqvist or Howard. Who do you build your team around? Stand by for a doozy.

Stay tuned for a full episode of TP:60 — which we hope to have up and running soon. A little bit of a tease: we have Chris Conner lined up for an interview as soon as we can coordinate everyone’s schedules, but we’re excited to have him and look forward to chatting with the part-time Red Wing.

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