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TP:60 — December 1


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Happy December!

The Wings close out November on a hot streak, winning their last six and ten of their last twelve. Suck it, losing streaks! On this episode:

  • Substitute Teacher :: Hollis is out of town and someone left Petrella in charge. Big mistake? Big mistake.
  • The Pipeline: Brendan Smith :: We chat with the Griffins defender and the Wings’ top prospect for a few minutes about his call-up to the Bigs and everything else we could think of to throw at him. Wait until you hear his favorite word.
  • Doug Janik Story Time :: Smith says that Janik is one of the best guys to grab a beer with… find out why.
  • I Love You, Man :: What’s Brendan’s pet peeve with his roommate, Gustav Nyquist?
  • Thirty Good Minutes :: Excellent guests this time as we welcome back Matt Saler of On the Wings — and have Clark Rasmussen of DetroitHockey.Net on for the first time. Both get the Lipton Treatment. Curmudgeon!
  • Topics of Interest! :: Re-allignment is back on the slate, as is Bobby Ryan, tradeable assets, Jonathan Ericsson, and the world coming to an end any minute now.
  • Stealing the Show :: Mrs. Saler hops on the phone to select a Disney hunk, forcing Matt’s hand.
  • Defenestration :: We learn new words sometimes. As new words go, that one’s really fucking good.

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