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Wings Ground Lightning: Doodle Postgame Edition

We’re doing something a little different tonight, since the artsy one has the reins. This is my first time writing a postgame and I’m banging it out before my own game tonight, so bear with me.

SCORE: 4-2 Wings (Hi, Mr. Petrella!)

First period:

  • Call it woman’s intuition, but I could feel that Datsyuk goal coming as soon as the puck popped free to center ice. The puck skittered around awkwardly while what seems like every single player touched it, and then Datsyuk got a moment of clear ice and whipped it in.  I’d like to thank Downie for releasing stupidly early and not playing defense.
  • Um… Ericsson scored a goal?! Filppula fed an excellent pass to center ice, continuing his point streak, and Riggy managed to drop into the slot at an appropriate time. While we were all still reeling from from the Shitbox actually doing something right, he went and had one of his typical giveaways shortly afterwards.
  • For the majority of this period, the Wings had the momentum stemming from that early goal, and ended with a power play.
  • Second period:

  • Suddenly the Wings took their foot off the gas, losing all that momentum that they had built up, despite starting with the remainder of a power play. And then Bertuzzi takes a stupid penalty by mouthing off to the ref, which is incredibly annoying in the light of his assist on the Datsyuk goal in the first.
  • After Bertuzzi’s shitty penalty, reality seeped back in even further with Ericsson heading to the box. Helm and Cleary have a good shorthanded chance, but moments later Martin St. Louis rips it from the center slot. Miller fails to keep up, making himself look like he’s the older one, with the slower pace and the greyer hair.
  • And then the Lightning get a Budd Lynch special, when someone (Bertuzzi I believe?) lets Stamkos trickle into his Stamkos spot and he rips one past Jimmy to tie it up.
  • Third period:

    • After a scrambly start, Datsyuk draws a penalty by being squirrelly, and lo and behold, Holmstrom scores a goal! The goal, although not a deflection comes from Homer’s usual M.O. of hovering around the net, and then jams the puck past Roloson. I didn’t see the replay initially, but he does, in fact, go in off a deflection from Homer, just from the side of the net, instead of in front like he usually does.
    • The fourth goal for the Wings comes from my personal favorite, Darren Helm, rifling it past Rolo after settling a bouncy pass from Kindl.
    • The afterglow from Helm doesn’t last long, because shortly afterwards, on a shorthanded chance by Gilroy, Howard makes a monster of a save. Everyone fires up Twitter to ask again about Howard’s absence on the All-Star ballot.

    Since I’m at a loss at what else to say, I’m going to let you nominate your Horsecop and Riggy Shitbox of the game in the comments.

    10 thoughts on “Wings Ground Lightning: Doodle Postgame Edition”

    1. Horsecop of the game Howard. He didn’t get one tonights stars (I don’t think), but the number of Stammer one timers he had to stop to end the game, combined with that monster breakaway save says he gets Horsecop.

      I would have given Bert the Riggy Shitbox due to his various faux pas but he did set up the first goal. Guess I’ll go with Brunnstrom, didn’t really stand out too much tonight and the seem to be bringing up Conner so management didn’t seem impressed either.  

      Awesome job with your first post game. Excellent artwork as usual.

    2. I wonder exactly what Bert said to get that penalty, and how many other folks have said the exact same thing without any penalty being assessed to them?  Yeah, it was a crappy thing to do no matter what, and I know it will never change, but I am really sick of Bert getting all these “reputation calls” 

      While I am ranting/rambling, could someone explain where the term “horsecop” came from?  Every time I read it, I think of it as a bad thing…..(one cause I associate a cop as the man, and the man is always trying to keep me down, and two cause I think of a certain part of the horse that hangs under it when I read that word…don’t ask why)  I always have to remind myself at least three times that the “horsecop” is the good guy.

      Ok, rant over…..

      Horsecock, I mean Horsecop, definately Jimmah.

      Shitbox, well, I say we have “co-boxes” Ericsson and Brunnstrom.


      1. The origin of Horsecop is in TP:60 lore. I don’t remember how it came up, but Disch asked everyone what their “go-to” pickup line was before sharing that, when he lived in DC, he would tell women he was a “horse cop.” It was believable ENOUGH, and it was mystical enough that no one could really verify or prove that he wasn’t. The perfect cover. 

        And then it spawned this big budget action film:

        1. yep, what gave it away?! Was it the missing tooth, the extra long chin strap, the beard he grew between the first and third periods, the one hand on the stick, or the cursing?! 


      1. Fantastic. Watch out, Stevie… this is a Bertuzzi doppleganger. 

        The most likely guy to drop a bunch of F-bombs is Howard, but after last night… you’ve captured The Tuzz perfectly. 

        1. I took it a step further, and I will be taking this image as a poster to the game tomorrow night in Buffalo to remind Bert that it’s not ok to chirp the ref!

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