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The Gradient of Failure, November 12th

CLICK to enlarge. Here’s the last gradient.


  • We have a very distinct cluster of players right around 2. Those guys have been playing their ass off and it shows.
  • Lidstrom is back to near perfect. Where he belongs.
  • Other than Zetterberg’s goal in the Ducks game, we don’t feel as if Datsyuk and Zetterberg are quite where they need to be. Zetterberg looks tired, and Datsyuk isn’t quite as magical as we expect. He’s lost the puck a number of times recently, and has spend a couple of minutes in the box.
  • We’ve backed off a bit on Conklin since he hasn’t played in a while. However, he’ll have to go out and impress us whenever he plays next to get out of the 9-10 range.
  • Oh, look at where Johnny Ericsson is.
  • We went a little easier on Commodore this week, since he just celebrated his birthday.

EDIT: Updated to reflect Disch’s votes.

5 thoughts on “The Gradient of Failure, November 12th”

  1. Why all the hate on Brad Stuart?  I think Howard should be closer to one, he was the only player who showed up during the losing streak.  And you guys are being too soft on Shitbox, but until you implement triple digits on your chart, his level of failure will never be accurately represented.

  2. Look.. I love this thing, but you need to do it right.  Rather than having numbers… it just needs to have Lidstrom’s face on the left, and Ericsson on the right.  That way you have your full spectrum.  Now, I would have to say that 10 moves from week to week depending on Ericsson’s play.  However, it at least give you a good swing.  BTW… not serious about all this.  I love how it’s being done and actually don’t think Ericsson sucks too terrible so far this year.  Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to seeing everyone except Ericsson in the top of the chart.  hahaha  

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