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Pass/Fail: Cory Emmerton

The traditional method of ranking individual player performance is usually some sort of “report card” or “A+” grading system. Not here. You see, we like to keep things simple at TPL. You either made the grade or you didn’t. No grey area. Black and white. This is “Pass/Fail.”

Statistically Speaking
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The Good
Pretty hard to grade a guy on just two games played, but that’s why they pay us the big bucks. First, Emmerton scored in his NHL debut. Second, he scored in his NHL debut after driving like a madman to get to Joe Louis Arena in time for an afternoon game against the Blackhawks. He also (technically) finished THIRD in the league in shooting percentage at a whopping 33.3%, so doubters can suck on that. His game made the coaches take notice and he’ll be challenging for a spot in the lineup this year.

The Bad
He only scored on 1 of his 3 shots, so there’s room for improvement there. Despite scoring in his first NHL game, his team lost.

Extra Credit
He came on The Pipeline this year. Also, did we mention he scored in his first NHL game?

Disch: PASS
Petrella: PASS
Hollis: PASS

The Reasoning
Disch: Kid scores in his first game and he’s in the conversation to move up to the big club: PASS.  Not sure what else we really expected out of him.
Petrella: Homey scored in his first NHL game, filling in during a rash of injuries. If that’s not a PASS, I don’t know what is.
Hollis: He scored in his first game. Also, he has nice eyebrows. Pass.

Final TPL Grade

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