Pass/Fail: Henrik Zetterberg

The traditional method of ranking individual player performance is usually some sort of “report card” or “A+” grading system. Not here. You see, we like to keep things simple at TPL. You either made the grade or you didn’t. No grey area. Black and white. This is “Pass/Fail.”

Statistically Speaking

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The Good
First, allow us to welcome you back to the “Pass/Fail” show. Things went on an unscheduled hiatus there for a bit, but we should be all back on track moving forward. And what better way to ease ourselves back into it than with the beloved #40, Henrik Zetterberg. The future captain bounced back from a self-described “sub-par” outing last season with gusto this campaign, leading all Red Wings during the regular season with 80 points. He was 5th in the league in total shots, yet somehow still found a way to tally a career-high 56 assists. His two-way game is still one of the best in the league, and he’s still an incredibly tough matchup for any player on the opposition that has to line up against him. He picked up the slack when other guys went down with injuries, and he kept up a point-per-game pace the entire way. Maybe most importantly, he found a way to stay healthy for almost an entire season, only missing a pair of games during the 82 game regular season schedule.

The Bad
Maybe it was the fact that he finally did make it almost an entire regular season without missing a game, but there were times where Zetterberg became inconsistent and almost complacent. Despite his two-way abilities, Hank looked like he struggled in his own zone a bit, occasionally flubbing coverage in an attempt to pressure the puck or provide help down low. His 80 games may have been a career high, but 24 goals seems a bit low for a player with as much natural ability and game savvy as Zetterberg. He also finished with a -1 rating during the regular season, and found himself in a nasty goal-scoring drought during the doldrums of January and February. One more thing: He’s still pretty damn awful in the shootout.

Extra Credit
After missing four games due to a knee sprain, Hank came back with a vengeance against San Jose. 8 points in 7 games ensured that his point-per-game performance during the regular season carried over into the playoffs, and his hard work and hustle kept the Wings in every game against the Sharks. His grit and determination showed quite a bit about his character, just another reason why Hank is both a gifted player and leader on this team.

DischPass (via proxy vote)

The Reasoning
Disch: *At Spin Class*
Petrella: He’s a point-a-game player, and played in 80 games for the first time in his career. If he can overcome the injury issues he’s had in the past and continue on the path he’s traveling on, he’s a hell of a guy to have locked up long-term.
Hollis: He seemed to be a little quieter than usual this season, yet his numbers say he was anything but. Where he may have lost some flash, he’s gained more consistency, and he continues to make the guys around him better.

Final TPL Grade

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