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TP:60 – Episode #14

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The All Star Break is finally upon us, and TP:60 has put together an All Star lineup to break it all down. Our good friend Sean Gentille from The Sporting News joins us, alongside Puck Daddy’s Justin Bourne and friend of Red Wings fans everywhere, Ryan Lambert. The guys break down who has impressed the most in both conferences and offer up predictions on who will contend for the Cup this summer, before tackling the topic on everyone’s mind this weekend: the All Star Game. From the selection process to NHL’s Guardian project, every angle of the game is addressed, which opens the door for a highly entertaining debate about which player would you build a team around for a single year. Of course, Lambert runs through the hat trick of Discher questions before the end of the show, capping one of the most entertaining  TP:60 episodes to date.

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1 thought on “TP:60 – Episode #14”

  1. Delayed response here since I am only just now getting the chance to listen to this episode, but there’s another hockey fan here in Arizona?! I think I’ve heard Justin Bourne’s name mentioned here or on WIIM before but now I am actually intrigued. I’ve heard tell of other hockey fans, and there are (some) people at the games, but I guess I just don’t know any in person. Interesting.

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