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TP:60 – Episode #13

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Slow hockey weeks, be damned! TP:60 is back and in your ear this week, albeit without host Chris Hollis. Rob Discher holds down the captain’s chair yet again (despite another round of technical difficulties that makes him sound like a dance remix) and leads fellow TPL’er Michael Petrella, WIM’s Graham Hathway and the newly returned George Malik in a vibrant and entertaining discussion about the Wings woes, Evgeni Nabokov and the upcoming All Star break. The gang also explains Hollis’ mysterious disappearance this week and gets ready for the last week of hockey before the TPL/WIM All Star Showdown.

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4 thoughts on “TP:60 – Episode #13”

  1. the podcast has some major skipping problems only when discher is talking for some reason. its like some terrible remix

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