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TP:60 – Episode #8

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Coming off back-to-back losses for the Red Wings, the TP:60 gang is here to help start the healing process. Hollis, Petrella and Disch are back in the studio, joined this week by our good friends J.J. from Kansas from Winging It In Motown and Brian from The Scrappy Octopus. The gang takes a look back at a rough two game stretch for the Wings and wonder if it’s time to push the panic button before going into the weekly “Hound on Hudler” session. The guys also heap the praise on a rejuvenated Jonathan Ericsson before sending the show off a cliff with a second straight week of Disney princess talk. The show also (briefly) welcomes in a special guest, who’s cliffhanger answer will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

It’s goin’ down on TP:60. For Curly Fries. 24/7.

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6 thoughts on “TP:60 – Episode #8”

  1. Best episode you’ve done yet. It was so long I had to go to the bathroom during, but didn’t want to pause it so I just left the door open and turned up the volume. But it still wasn’t good enough so I sat up, pants around ankles, tripped my way back out into the living room to retrieve the computer, and returned to the bathroom covered in my own shame. That’s how good this episode was.

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