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TP:60 – Episode #6

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The Red Wings are still red hot, and so is this week’s episode of TP:60. Petrella and Disch take the reigns while Hollis struggles to find his way home in the mess that is Seattle weather. Joining the show this week is our old friend Andy from Fight Night at the Joe, as well as the third member of the Winging It In Motown “hat trick,” Graham Hathway aka “Amerinadian.” The guys tackle everything from the week that was in Red Wings hockey, from the wins to the goals to the lack of top-line production, as well as the idea that playing for a single point is a “good” thing. Andy and Graham also answer the Willa/Duff debate, and the group talks about the launch of Operation: Curly Fries.

It’s going down on TP:60, just like the Junior Roast Beef sandwich.

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